The Law of Attraction Manifesting Experiment 'Desire 3': Getting My Phone Repaired!

My faith in the law of attraction is getting stronger and stronger.

In an interesting turn of events, my third desire in the law of attraction manifesting experiment, also came true on Wednesday.

This third desire, if you remember, was to get my cell phone repaired. My mobile had a problem: it didn’t ring and it didn’t vibrate. I had given it for repair earlier - but with no positive results.

My phone had not rung for 3 months, until Wednesday night, when the law of attraction stepped in and saved me! :)

Law of Attraction Manifesting Experiment Desire 3

The Law of Attraction Manifesting Experiment Desire 3: My third law of attraction blog entry.

What Did I Do?

As usual, I lay down on my bed and noticed my breath for some seconds.

After I had done that, I imagined my phone ringing with this tune/song as the ringtone. Many, many months ago I used to have this ringtone as my phone's tone and I loved to hear this tone and then my girlfriend's voice on the other end. I relived those sweet memories in my head and felt the thrill of my phone actually ringing after such a long time! I got so engrossed in imagining my phone ringing that I felt thankful for the existence of that particular ringtone in my imagination. I know this might seem weird, but when you get completely lost in visualizing something, it does seem REAL to you. That’s how it was with me.

That’s it! Then I jumped out of bed and went off to work. :)

What Happened After That?

I can’t deny that these days when I set an intention I am actually excited. The reason is that on a certain level, I know that the intention WILL come true. And that is because both the freaking intentions I have set in this experiment have come true!

On the ‘morning of the intention’, as soon as I reached my office building, a painted board caught my attention. Guess what the board said? “Mobile Repair.” Hmm…

I had NEVER considered the prospect of getting my mobile repaired right underneath my workplace.

This is where the mobile repair shop was located:

The law of attraction manifesting experiment, mobile repair sign

Law of Attraction Manifesting Experiment. At times, the manifesting process is baffling.

On Wednesday night, after work, I headed towards the mobile repair shop situated near that board sign.

The excitement of spotting the shop had waned away by evening and I was filled with my own sub-conscious apprehensions. How many days would the repair take? Would it cost a lot?

Just then, before I had stepped out of the building in which my workplace is located, my eyes fell on the front desk of a shop situated inside the building itself. There were a lot of mobile phones lined up on that desk.

Intuition made me ask the guy sitting behind the desk, “Do you repair mobiles?”

“Of course”, he said.

He examined my phone as I explained my predicament to him.

By the way are you taking part in the experiment? Or do you think YOU have a Law of Attraction story to share?

“How much time will it take?”

“About 15- 20 minutes.”

Wow, I thought. My past experience with mobile repairs had shown me that it took at least a day to repair mobiles. 15-20 Minutes had to be the universe’s doing.

The universe however appeared to be even more ‘gung ho’ than I had imagined. The guy rectified the fault in my cell phone and returned me the phone in 7 minutes straight! All he charged was Rs 200 ($ 4.45).

7 Minutes of mobile repair in a shop INSIDE my office building for Rs 200? I had to give that to the universe.

My Next Intention

The law of attraction manifesting experiment is now in full swing. :) And I am glad the law of attraction is working.

My next intention is non-materialistic: I want to manifest a beautiful red rose with no thorns near the petal-area.

I know, that’s a long way off from a pajama and Maggi, and mobile phone repair. ;)

Rose law of attraction manifesting

My next intention in the law of attraction manifesting experiment is to manifest a rose.

So let’s see if it’ll happen!

Until next time, good bye. :)

Are You Participating in the Experiment?

Or maybe you have a fascinating law of attraction story? Tell us all!

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