Desire 10 of the Law of Attraction Experiment Came True!

Desire 10 of the law of attraction experiment did indeed come true.

I “almost” managed to manifest a blade of glass with a dew drop on it. Here’s what happened….

Setting The Intention

I took special care in setting the intention this time.

I lay down on my bed and covered myself with my quilt.

Then I spent quite some time calming myself down and observing my breath. After some serious effort that almost resulted in me abandoning this whole intention-setting process, I finally managed to be “thoughtless” enough to observe both my breath and my heartbeat.

At this instant, I pictured myself lying in the midst of lush green grass that was glistening with wetness. Right in front of my eyes was a single blade of grass that was tilted towards the right. This grass blade was a special shade of light green in colour – the green that you normally see around you after it has just rained. Right at the center of this blade of grass, was a glistening dew drop. I touched this dew drop and let it stick to my fingers. I soaked the beauty of this ambiance and…

…woke up. I looked at the stop-watch. More than 25 seconds had passed. 🙂

I had definitely visualized my intention “purely” this time. I had thought about only the blade of grass and nothing else during those 25 seconds.

Ah, Then, How Was the Manifestation?

Hardly an hour after I had set my intention, I walked out of home to go to work. An unusual thing happened as soon as I stepped out of the house: I found myself surrounded by the exact shade of green I had visualized! The trees around me and the shrubs growing in pots placed on the walls – all of them seemed to be painted in that very shade of green!

As I admired their beauty, my eyes chanced upon a plant that perfectly resembled the grass-patch I had imagined. It was like a magnified version of the grass I had seen in my vision. In fact the prominent leaf of this plant was bent by exactly the same angle as “my grass blade”! I gazed at this plant in admiration and walked on…

I felt satisfied. At least some sort of manifestation had begun.

On the afternoon of the next day, it started drizzling. I was at work and definitely not in a mood to go out and savour the rain.

But the universe had other plans. 😉

My girlfriend called me up and as I was conversing with her, I ventured out of my workplace into the rain.

I kept walking as I talked and before I knew it, I stood right in front of a brown expanse of mud with a fresh patch of lush green grass growing right in the middle of this expanse.

I had NEVER seen any grass near my workplace! So this “new discovery” seemed very odd. I ventured forth, near the grass and found it to be wet – after all it was drizzling. I bent down to take a closer look at the wetness of the grass blades and found that the grass did indeed resemble what I had imagined for 25 seconds.

In its own unique way, the universe had almost shown me exactly what I had visualized!

No, there were no dew drops on the grass blades that I saw. But it had to be the work of a higher power to show me a plant that looked exactly like the grass I had imagined and a wet grass patch I had never noticed before.

So I will say….thank you Universe. 🙂

OK, So What’s the Next Intention?

After tasting reasonably satisfying success with this intention, I am pretty geared up for the next one.

My next intention is to manifest a white kitten. That’s it. 🙂

In the locality where I live, almost nobody has a pet cat or kitten. And I haven’t even seen a stray cat or a kitten in New Delhi even once in the last two months (since I started living here).

So let’s see how I will manage to spot one.

Abracadabra. Hocus pocus.

Let the man(gic)ifestation begin! Ta for now. 🙂