Day 2 of the LOA Experiment – What are My Bad Thoughts About Money?

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

Zooopie! I am back with Day 2 of the LOA challenge. For those of you to whom this seems like Martian Morse code ;), this might help. And this too.

Basically, I am carrying out a law of attraction experiment to manifest $ 500 in 21 days. I will receive one email a day from the guy who runs this site and do what he asks me to do everyday.

And those ‘email exercises’ will help me manifest $500.

And this is Day 2.

What Did the Email Say Today?

It said a lot of things but the essence was: ‘Identify what your feelings with respect to money are. Write down, “money is…” and then list whatever thoughts come to your mind.

Maybe you think money is hard to come by, a hassle and only for people who are extremely smart’, the email continued. And with all these thoughts I could be resisting the flow of money into my life.

So the first step was to write down all of these thoughts related to money.

Then, when I had done that, I was supposed to RELEASE each negative ‘money thought’ – let go of it.

That’s all. End of the mail.

What the Heck Did I Do With This Law of Attraction Information?

I commute to work by train. So I buried myself into my diary while commuting and churned out my feelings about what money is…

Maybe all of us think too much about money. Atleast I do. 🙂 Because when I wrote down my “money thoughts”, I came up with 41 things! Many of these 41 thoughts were similar to each other. So I compressed the essence of these 41 points into 2 points. Yes, just 2.

Here are those top 2 thoughts that represent the essence of my beliefs about money.

1) Rs 1 lakh ($2500) or for that matter $500 is too much money. It’s a very big amount.

2) I must put in super human effort and inculcate many qualities (like self discipline) before I earn enough money.

There. Those two points represented the essence of my negative “money thoughts.”

How to release these thoughts?

When I came home after work, I lay down and decided to calm myself.

I looked at the first belief.

Rs 1 lakh($2500) is a very large sum of money.

“Meghu, Rs 1 lakh is not a lot of money. If you think it is a lot of money beyond your reach, how will you manifest it? It is NOT a lot of money.”, I told myself.

FLOP show. That wasn’t registering at all. I mean Rs 1 lakh still felt like a lot of money. 😉

What to do now? That Jason had kept mum about the most important part of today’s task : How to eliminate “money beliefs”…

Then it struck me: use the child approach. And I used it.

Many times, when I am disoriented, I use the child approach. And it helps me calm down and relax.

The child approach basically means imagining that there is a child in you who is insecure and lovingly talking to him to remove his insecurity. You let this child scream or shout or vent out. You listen to him. But you also gently lead him into feeling more secure and loved.

Sounds a bit weird? It is.:) Here’s an example of me using the child approach when I was angry.

So I imagined I was talking to this child inside me who was insecure about money. And I lovingly said to him, “Honey-love, do you really think Rs 1 lakh is a lot of money? I will not force anything upon you. I just want to know what you think of it.”

The child was receptive. “Of course it is a lot of money. If I had Rs 1 lakh to spend as I pleased, I could buy so many things like a refrigerator. I would shift to a beautiful house which was spacious. I could so much. So I think 1 lakh is a huge amount of money.”, he replied.

Me: “That is true love. I don’t deny it. Rs 1 lakh can buy a lot of things. And make you so happy. But I want to tell you something nice, will you listen?”

Inner Child: “Yeah..”

Me: “I want you to know that Rs 1 lakh is not beyond you. I do not say that Rs 1 lakh is not important or valuable. Of course it is. You can buy so many things with Rs 1 lakh. But do not think that you cannot have that much money or spend it. You are capable of having it.

Let me tell you how the value you give to money can change.

Imagine that you are earning Rs 1 lakh a month. Then you could eat at the best restaurants in Mumbai. You wouldn’t mind shelling out Rs 100 more or less for a meal! Because Rs 100 wouldn’t matter to you. Similarly paying Rs 30 to a cabbie instead of paying Rs 5 for the bus wouldn’t hurt you at all. Because Rs 30 would seem like nothing to you when you earned Rs 1 lakh.

You would not think of Rs 100 or even Rs 1000 as a lot money.

Now imagine yourself earning Rs 1 lakh a day. You could buy a car every month! You could buy a house in the most posh locality imaginable. And if you booked a room at a hotel – you wouldn’t mind it if one hotel room costed Rs 1 lakh more than the other. Because +/-Rs 1 Lakh in any transaction wouldn’t matter.

So you see that in that case, Rs 1 lakh would not seem like a lot of money at all.

This is what I want to tell you love, that Rs 1 lakh is important and it can buy you a lot of things, but it is not too big an amount for you either. It is not beyond you. You can earn it one day.

That’s all I want you to know love..”

Something clicked. I suddenly felt lighter. Any money is NOT beyond me. It registered, hmmm…

One belief down for now. Next please!

I must put in super human effort and inculcate so many qualities like self discipline before I earn enough money.

With the inner child approach working, it was easier this time.

Me: “Tell me more about this honey.”

Inner Child: “I feel that I must work very hard before I earn money. I should be self-disciplined, promote my website like hell, not sleep nights: then I will earn money through my website. It will definitely not come easy and I will have to give my site my all.”

Me: “That’s nice. But I want to tell you something interesting. I want you to know love that you need not work on the website to earn any money at all. In fact you need not work to get money at all. All you need to do is to ask the universe for it and then allow it.“

Inner Child: “Is that so? But even if that were so, I like working on my site. I like it when I see the money and FEEL that it has come because I worked hard for it. I don’t feel nice about getting money without doing anything.”

Me: “And that’s nice again. You see, working hard and getting money is a nice thing. All I want to tell you is that that is one way of getting money. It is not the only way of getting money. If you enjoy working hard and getting money, great – work hard and get money. Only know, that you have a choice – that you have chosen to enjoy the adventure of creating a site and earning from it. It is not compulsory.

Even now, you can choose to earn money from this adventure of working when you want to. Or you could just take a break and attract money when you want to.

There is nothing forcing you work and earn money, that’s all I want to say. You can always choose to get money the way you want.”

Saying this, I released my second belief about money too….I need only to ask the universe, and I would get money…Money wasn’t difficult to get..

It felt nice. And fresh.

So there you go Jason – I have tried to let go of the core beliefs I have about money….

End of Day 2. Day 2 felt light. What will Day 3 bring..?

Any Manifestations?

None till now. In fact, my Google Adsense income was zero. But I am not disappointed. I am hopeful that slowly, as the “Days” pass, I will allow more and more money to come to me.

One interesting thing did happen today though. I got this sudden urge to plan my next 2 months on paper today. I wrote out exactly what part of the website I would develop and exactly how I would promote my site. And how many hours it would take. That gave me clarity.

And since this will help me attract more money in the future –shall I attribute this whole idea to plan my next 2 months to the law of attraction?

Call me an optimist on steroids. 🙂
See you tomorrow, though.