Interesting Law of Attraction Information on Day 17: Was I Blocking Money Because I Didn’t Want It?

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

It’s Day 17. And yes, after today there are 4 more days to go.

And there’s $ 69.32 to manifest. It’s possible.. 🙂

Today’s Email Gave Me Some Interesting Law of Attraction Information

“Have you manifested $500 yet?”, Jason asked in his email today.

…No, I am on track, but not yet. 🙂

“There must be something you must be gaining by not manifesting $500”, Jason continued, “otherwise, you would’ve manifested it.”

Subconsciously – what was I getting by not manifesting $500? Maybe if I didn’t get $500, a part of me would be happy thinking, “See, I knew this wouldn’t work. Of course all this law of attraction stuff is just theory..” Or maybe a part of me would feel, “How can anyone manifest $500 out of thin air? I knew this was a joke.”

Jason wanted me to find out: what belief in me would get re-enforced if I didn’t manifest $500? What reason did I have to NOT manifest the money?

I know, this whole statement sounds half crazy. But then, it could be true. I mean, maybe I was the one stopping myself from getting $500? I needed to talk to myself.

I Talk to Myself

I lay down in bed. The lights were off.

I gently asked myself, “Why would you NOT want to get $500?”

Then I waited. I didn’t speak or think or feel. I was still. I waited for an answer. Like a lion waiting to pounce on its prey. Still…

Something cracked.

A feeble voice responded…”Because, I don’t deserve it.”

I let the reply sink in. So there was one. So I was stopping the $500 from coming to me.

“Why do you not deserve it?”, I asked.

“Because, I would want $500 when I worked for it. If the universe gave me loads of money easily – I would feel meaningless. I want that I put in a lot of effort, groan, stretch myself, work nights and then earn loads of money. That’s why I don’t deserve the $500 yet. I want to go the extra mile to get it.”

So that is what it was. I felt I needed to work hard to deserve the money. I didn’t want money so easily.

The belief I had tried to eliminate on Day 2 was still there.

This time I didn’t fool myself into believing that working hard was not required and that all you had to do was allow money to come. I wouldn’t preach to myself just now.

I would let the belief be. I would observe it.

I would have to eventually release the belief, but I would do it slowly. Every time I felt that urge to reject money because I didn’t work hard for it, I would have to tell myself, “It’s OK to allow money to come in without hard work.

It would be tough, because the belief seems to be deeply ingrained. But I would try.

At least, I knew the belief was there. Thank you Jason… 🙂

Any Money Coming In?

The simple answer is well, no.

Nothing unusual happened today… But I will be an optimist and assume the universe will send me the remaining $70 in one go instead of sending it in small installments. 🙂

Let’s see….