Desire 8: I Was Happy to Receive Some Law of Attraction Help in Deciding Which Movie to Watch!

As you may already know, I’m conducting this interesting law of attraction experiment right now in which I am trying to manifest 20 desires in 50 (earlier 40) days by thinking about my desires “purely” for 17 seconds.

I’ve tried to manifest 7 desires up till now out of which six have manifested in some way or the other and one didn’t manifest at all. 🙂

My 8th desire was that the universe should suggest to me a movie to watch when my girlfriend visited me on my birthday. 😉

Yes, the universe did end up suggesting a movie to me….

So How Did I Set The Intention?

This time I set a “different” kind of intention. I didn’t become calm and visualize what I wanted. That’s because I didn’t know which movie to watch. 🙂 The universe had to tell me which movie was worth a watch with my girlfriend. 🙂

So instead of visualizing any movie, I decided to talk to the universe. I closed my eyes, became conscious of my breathing and said to the universe, “Dear universe – you always know what is best for me. You are the source of all creation. In your own good time – please do tell me the movie that will be the best for my girlfriend and me. I completely surrender to you and will fully respect your choice.”

Saying this, I humbly bowed to the universe, imagining it to be the source behind everything on the earth.

17 seconds had elapsed. I opened my eyes. 🙂

Now this was a weird kind of intention-setting. I didn’t use the conventional visualizing technique. But I think intending is all about being in the “vibration” of asking the universe to grant a desire. And that vibration can also be achieved by gently asking the universe to fulfill the desire just as it can achieved by visualizing that what we desire has already come about. Or so I believe.

Let’s see what happened after I set this weird intention of being told which movie to watch on my birthday. 🙂

So Did the Law of Attraction Help Me and Tell me Which Movie to Watch?

It did. 🙂

On the day of the intention, one of my friends, who I hadn’t interacted with for quite a long time, suddenly called me up! In the course of the conversation, when I told him I wanted to find out which movie to watch on my birthday, he promptly mentioned “Nishant Kumar”.

Nishant Kumar was a senior in college who, according to this friend, is now an avid movie buff. “He is currently compiling a list of the 160 best movies of all time and is positing the movies that fit the list on Facebook, one by one!”, said my friend.

So the universe had started its magic, eh? It had suddenly told me about a senior in college who was crazy about movies and who was currently compiling a top-160 list? I took that to be an omen and messaged Nishant on Facebook.

Within a few hours, Nishant sent me the following list of movies:

1) Stranger than Fiction

2) (500) Days of summer

3) In July (Turkish name: Im juli)

4) In the Mood for Love (Chinese)

5) Superbad

6) Juno

6 Movies to choose from!

I looked up each movie at IMDB and read the reviews but somehow I didn’t seem to be attracted to ANY of these movies. You know, there’s this feeling when a movie just clicks and you think “I must watch this!” That “intuitive leap” didn’t occur with any of these movies.

I was still confused…”What’s up universe?”, I thought.

Then, in the night – the Universe fixed up the mess.

Uptill then, I had been told by one and all that all the movies in the theaters this week were crappy. There was just no movie that was truly funny or worth a watch.

But on the second night after I set my intention, my apartment mate and his girlfriend watched Golmaal 3 at the theaters.

When they come back – they were unanimous in their stand and full of conviction. “Golmaal 3 rocks! We never expected it to be so hilarious and gripping. You MUST watch this movie on your birthday – you just have to!”, they said. (I hadn’t told them about my intention. 😉 )

That clinched the deal. A movie is always a better watch at the theaters. And I heard the voice of the universe in the voice of my apartment-mate. 🙂 “You MUST watch it,” he’d said.

So I forgot about the movie list that Nishant had sent me and made my choice. It was Golmaal 3 I would watch with my girlfriend. It had been two days since I set my intention, and though the universe didn’t do anything mind-bogglingly spectacular, it did somehow tell me which movie to watch. 🙂

Thank you for your law of attraction help, universe. 🙂

And Here Comes Desire Number 9

I’ve always wanted to read the book Life on purpose – 6 Passages to an Inspired Life – by Dr Brad Swift. It is a book about finding meaning in your life – about finding your own clear and beautiful answer to the question – “what is the purpose of my life?”

My intention is to manifest this book.

Up till now, I’ve tried many, many book stores in Chandigarh, Saharanpur, and Mumbai. NONE of the bookstores I went to, have had this book on their shelves. I’ve been seeking this book for around 2.5 years now…

And so I hope to “attract” the book this time. 🙂

I’ve released my intention into the universe.

It’s now over to you, Universe.

“Law of Attraction, help!” I’m waiting.