A Law of Attraction Blog Post About My 11th Desire…

“Comme ci, comme ça.” is how I would describe the result of my 11th desire in the law of attraction experiment.

My desire was to manifest a white kitten by thinking about it for 17 seconds.

I did indeed succeed in manifesting a kitten. 🙂 But not a white one.

Here goes the story!

Setting the “Kitten Intention”

I was in a closed room at my workplace when I set my intention this time. I took care to again take a few conscious breaths and relax myself before thinking about the kitten. This “relaxing process” seems to be important while setting an intention because without it, it is difficult to focus on anthing continuously for 17 seconds. There is a good chance that other thoughts will interrupt what you are trying to think, if you don’t “relax”.

So well, I managed to calm myself. 🙂

Then, I imagined a cute white kitten mewing right in front of me.

“Meeeeeoowww. Meeeeeoooowww!”, it purred. It tugged at the ends of my trousers and I bent down and picked it up. It was moving its little paws in a such an innocent way that I was tempted to kiss this cutie pie! 🙂 I snuggled the thing close to my heart. I felt a surge of affection for this kitten as it lay warm in my arms… 🙂

That’s when I stopped. 17 seconds were up!

And What Happened After the “Intention-setting” Got Over?

That very night, I saw a strange sight. I saw a puppy sitting under the hood of a car.

Now this puppy was half black and half white. Its upper portion was predominantly black and the lower portion was predominantly white.

The puppy sat in such a way that the street lights illuminated the “white portion” of the puppy – especially its legs spectacularly. I could clearly make out the uncommon shade of white which covered the lower part of its body. Its upper portion on the other hand was completely hidden from view by the hood of this car. I know that portion was black only because I had seen this puppy during daytime too.

I found it to be interesting that the universe should so conspire as to show me only the white portion of the puppy.

Well OK, this was not even close to finding a white kitten, but then I had atleast spotted a puppy whose whiteness was highlighted by the street lights. 😛

On the next day, as I walked out of my workplace, I saw a black kitten running around in the sand patch nearby! I was stunned. I have never seen a cat or kitten near my workplace or home ever since I started working in New Delhi! I have seen plenty of stray dogs and stray puppies but no cats.

So I kept staring at the kitten and followed its movements… 🙂

Later on, when I was much nearer home, another black ‘kitten-cat’ crossed my path. It was not young enough to be called a kitten but was definitely not old enough to be an ‘adult’ cat.

I was happy. Zero cats in more than two months of working here. And now two ‘kitten-cats’ in a single day. Had to be something the universe had done. 🙂

So no, I didn’t get to see any white kittens and had to make do with black ones. 😛

Comme ci, comme ça, was what I manifested, as I mentioned before. 🙂

And the Next Intention Is….

My next intention is to manifest a guava with a rough outer surface, a spot on it, and a large brown stem jutting out of it.

Again, it would be apt to mention here that I haven’t seen even one guava so far in the area I live.

So let’s see what the universe does this time.  I’ll write about it in my next law of attraction blog post.

I do like this experiment. I find it to be fascinating and immensely educative at the same time. After all if I can “intend” anything in 17 seconds, then what isn’t possible…?