Law of Attraction Blog Entry Number 15 Involved Gaining Voice Clarity on Phone!

I am more than happy to inform all of you that desire 15 of this experiment came true in an interesting way. 🙂

As you may already know, my latest desire in the law of attraction experiment was to be able to hear my girlfriend’s voice clearly on phone.

There was this bumble bee type background disturbance troubling us since the last few days – and my intention was to somehow get rid of that disturbance.

Well, the good news is – the universe did do something to help us talk in peace. 🙂

The Intention

This intention was definitely much, much easier to set than most previous intentions like manifesting a pizza or a ball or a guava.

I actually enjoyed setting this intention. And I didn’t have to make any effort to pause my incessant stream of thoughts or calm down. It all happened effortlessly this time.

That’s what love can do to an intention, I guess. 🙂

I simply lay down and imagined my girlfriend’s voice at the other end – clear and without any background disturbance. I imagined my phone ringing – me answering the call and then having a conversation with her just as it would have happened in reality. I even imagined laughing and enjoying the conversation very much. I felt thankful for the fact that I could hear her so clearly….

Edit: this wasn’t my phone at that time. My phone was an old-school, no-Internet kind of phone

The “Coming True” Part

Some details of the manifestation are “personal” as this manifestation involved both my girlfriend and me. 🙂

However the freaking, undeniable fact is that suddenly on the very day I set this intention, my girlfriend discovered a way in which I could call her on another phone number!

Why didn’t this happen before I set my intention? I don’t know. But I am so thankful that it did happen on the exact day that I set my intention on.

We were actually able to talk for a long time – in peace with not a trace of any background disturbance because of this other phone number.

Thank you, Universe for doing something in your own unique way and making my intention come true. 🙂

Ending the Law of Attraction Experiment

Yes, that’s right.

I have decided to end this law of attraction experiment with desire 15.

Originally I had intended to continue this experiment upto desire 20. But doing that doesn’t seem sensible anymore.

This is because:

1) The purpose of the law of attraction experiment has been achieved

When I started this experiment on this page, I wanted to verify the law of attraction for myself. I wanted to test if things came true just by just thinking about them for 17 seconds. After setting 15 intentions – I now have a clear answer. Yes, this thing works. There’s no doubt about it.

Out of the 15 intentions I have set in this experiment, 13 came true to some extent and 2 didn’t manifest. Out of those 13, 9 intentions manifest perfectly – giving me exactly the results I wanted.

So I now have enough data to draw my conclusions about the law of attraction.

Also, I have learnt quite a bit about how to set intentions so that they manifest. I have discovered many errors that could be made in setting intentions and have corrected them as the experiment has proceeded.

Therefore, I now do not feel the need to unnecessarily set 5 more “minor” intentions and write about them. That would simply feel like dragging the experiment just for the heck of it.

And so I’ll stop this experiment here and tell you exactly what I learnt from it , in the next post. 🙂

2) It’s now starting to get boring

Yeah. That’s the second reason. 🙂

When I started this experiment, I was super excited. A real-time experiment to manifest things out of thin air! Wow. That is cool.

After 15 such intentions and manifestations it doesn’t seem that exciting anymore.

The reason is that it seems like I have already learnt what I had to learn with respect to basic manifestations using this experiment. I can continue writing up till my 20th desire or 25th desire or 50th desire – but the essence will still be the same. I more or less know, that the intention will come true in some form or the other – and I more or less know what mistakes I should avoid and what thing I should keep in mind while setting my next intention.

Since I feel that there won’t be much to learn in setting the next 5 intentions, I might as well end the experiment here and tell you what I actually learnt from this fascinating experiment.

So that’s what I’ll do. 🙂

Overall, of course, it’s been a wonderful journey. From being afraid and skeptical about my first intention to manifest a packet of Maggi Noodles, I have been able to manifest a rose, rose petals floating on water, a pizza, phone-repair, a pair of pyjamas and a lot of other things.

Overall, I am satisfied. 🙂

I’ll tell you more about the lessons I’ve learnt through this experiment in my next law of attraction blog post.

Until then, good bye, and thank you for supporting me by reading the sometimes weird and sometimes illogical stuff that I’ve written and for even sending me emails about it. 🙂

Thanks to the universe and to you. 🙂