Law of Attraction and Manifestation: Day 1: What Will I Do With $ 500?

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

For those who are reading this directly, this might help The essence is that I read about an interesting law of attraction challenge on this site.

The guy there (Jason) says he will send me law of attraction exercises by email everyday for the next 21 days, and by the end of it, I will be able to manifest 500 dollars!

So for the next 21 days, I will blog about what mail he sent me and what I did. And I will aim to manifest 500 dollars in 21 days.

And today is Day 1. That’s the story.

In the Mail

Today’s mail from Jason said – ‘Decide what you want to do with the 500 dollars you’ll get.’

Apparently – the clearer you are about why you want $500, the more the chance of manifesting it.

That’s all. Day 1’s email over!

What Did I Do Then?

Initially, I was a bit taken aback: what to do with 500 dollars!

Some interesting thoughts whizzed past:

1) I could SAVE them. I have been planning to quit my job and make a living from this site by July 10. Extra money would come in handy when that happens. So save 500 dollars. (No, doesn’t sound appealing. No…)

2) I could buy my girlfriend a gift. Something worth $500 would be a precious gift indeed. (No, I mean, it’s nice but not THAT appealing…)

And then it came. The idea came in a flash!

How about going on a vacation with my girlfriend?(Sounded splendid! My heart skipped a beat. I felt great!)

In half an hour the destination was finalized. I would savour the delights of Ganapatipule, a tourist town about 375 km away from Mumbai, India (where I stay).

And a 5 Nights, 6 days package for 2 people, (including a stay at a splendid hotel and to and fro tickets in a luxury train) cost just less than $500!

Here’s a picture taken in Ganapatipule.

I love the prospect of walking hand in hand with my girlfriend on this beach..

So, done. I had finished my LOA exercise for the day. I had decided what I wanted to do with the $500 I would get. 🙂

Any Manifestations So Far?

After all this decision making, I checked my Google Adsense earnings. They’re generally in the range of 0-20-50 cents. Today they were $1.16!

Is it that the LOA is working? I’ll give it a benefit of doubt. So my manifestation so far is $1.16.

So should I take my Google Adsense earnings as “extra money manifested”? After all, isn’t it regular income I get anyway? It isn’t EXTRA..

I will apply a strategy. My average Google Adsense income per day is 20 cents. Now if I manifest anything > 50 cents, I will count that day’s income as my manifestation. Because that’s a big jump from what I earn daily from Adsense! Otherwise, I’ll not include that money in my manifestation earnings. 🙂

Another small thing happened too. While I was surfing the net, I saw an advertisement which said – ‘Make $500 at home!’

I clicked and found some MLM  thingy I didn’t like. Not interested. BUT, the fact that I had attracted a $500 add (I mean it said exactly $500, right?) seemed to be a message that the universe was listening…

Have an awesome day. See you tomorrow!