The Law of Attraction and Manifestation: On Day 18, Jason Asked Me to Learn “EFT”

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

Day 18 of the law of attraction challenge had one of the most strenuous exercises in the entire challenge.

I had to learn a special healing technique called “EFT” and then practice it on myself to release “money-barriers”!

Let’s Start With the Email

Jason asked me to visit this link first.

So I visited it. It has this manual that talks about what “EFT” is all about.

Jason wanted me to read it and apply it to myself to remove my money-barriers.

Well? I was stumped. What the heck is EFT in the first place? It seems like a subject in itself… Am I to learn it and apply it in one day?

But then, if I have come this far (day 18), I might as well do it. 🙂

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation and the Emotional Freedom Technique

Yes, I did download that manual and I did read Part 1 of it, which contained the instructions to use EFT to heal emotional problems.

First, what on earth is this EFT?

It is a technique where you tap certain parts of your body and stimulate certain parts of your brain by performing some special actions. And when you do that, you release any emotional pain or problem you have! That’s it.

The manual says that this simple technique has helped war veterans overcome mind numbing traumas related to death. One soldier who took part in the Vietnam war used to see Vietnamese soldiers barging in when he sat in a restaurant…. Another was afraid of heights. EFT cured them all in minutes and hours. Even rape victims were able to let go of the emotional pain after practicing EFT…

If EFT was so powerful it could definitely help me remove my ‘money barriers’.

Now to use EFT to remove a money barrier, I first had to know exactly what money barrier to remove. I thought about it for a while. What did I want to remove?

I realized that one thing I definitely wanted to remove was the “fear of losing money”. The fear I experienced when I paid Rs 200 ($4.40) for a meal. Would I have enough left for the month if I spent Rs 200 now? The fear I experienced when I over-used the air conditioner…Would I be able to pay the bill?

This fear of losing money and not having it when I needed it, was what I wanted to remove.

So I switched off the lights, lay down on my bed, and performed the EFT.

In EFT, you remember and go through your fear as you perform the technique. So I remembered the bitter feeling I had last night while spending Rs 185 for dinner. I remembered the anxiety I experienced when my landlady asked me to pay more for over-using the air-conditioner. And I performed the “EFT actions” mentioned in the manual.

To be doubly sure that I had actually removed my “fear of losing money”, I performed the entire technique once again.

Did the fear disappear? Would I “feel” the abundance in the universe the next time I spent Rs 200 on a meal?

To tell you the bare truth, I don’t know.

What I do know is that I felt immensely relaxed and peaceful.

When I tried to imagine the “air-conditioner bill situation” again, I did feel some fear still. But it wasn’t as intense as before.

Only time will tell if that fear has actually reduced.

At least I tried this new technique. 🙂

Were There Any Manifestations Today?

Yes there were, finally. 🙂 And they came in interesting ways.

When I went to the mall to shop, I was offered free “samples” to eat and drink. Now the point is, I’ve never EVER been offered free samples in this mall! So definitely, it was a surprise.

What would be the approximate price of the 2 munchies and the glass of energy drink I lapped up? I’d say about Rs 4.5 ($0.10) Definitely not a fortune but come on, I attracted it! 🙂

So well, I continued shopping. I bought two packets of Hippo and guess what I got FREE? A packet of Frooti worth Rs 10! I just hadn’t expected that. I mean ‘Hippo’ never gave such things free.

So well, I’ll add that Rs 10 ($0.22) to my manifestations. 🙂

There you go: Rs 10 + Rs 4.50 = Rs 14.50 ($0.32)= Net manifestation on Day 18.

As I think of the fact, that there are only 3 more days left, I am getting a bit anxious and thrilled at the same time….

Will I be able to manifest $ 500 using the law of attraction and manifestation?