Inspirational Quotes: Some Encouraging Quotes That Moved Me

I think one advantage of inspirational quotes is that they give us amazing directions when we are feeling low .This often happens with me.

There’s this quote from an Indian movie in which Subhash Chandra Bose, the great Indian freedom fighter says –

“Those who are brave never look down.”

... as he notices a boy with his head drooping.

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Just recently, I I had had a bad day at work: my self esteem had really plummeted. I was climbing up the office stairs brooding over my sorry state when I suddenly remembered - "Those who are brave never look down." I don't know what happened but I instantly felt enthusiastic! For starters, I looked up instead of staring at the stairs and thought - 'why not just be courageous and face whatever comes my way bravely?' The quote helped, indeed.

Then there’s Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote –

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

I have repeated that statement to myself countless number of times – and that has helped me develop this website – my dream. :)

No wonder I love quotes. In few words, they strike deep.

Have a look at the best inspirational quotes I could collect. I’ve taken some from other sites, some from movies and some from books I’ve loved.

Inspirational life quotes has 12 of these inspiring quotes. Meaningful quotes has 12 more! :)

Quotes about courage has quotes for the moments when we feel afraid. It could be anything – telling your parents the truth about your girlfriend or saying ‘no’ to your boss (I’ve had both these fears in the past :P). So I’d say read them, they might help you. :)

We all get angry at times. I do. Someone in the street might anger us or someone near and dear to us may say something that hurts us. Anger quotations is a remedy. I can vouch for the fact that if you remember one of these quotes at the moment of anger, your anger will dissolve.

And then, here are 12 quotes from an amazing person: Stephen Covey.

To top it all, here go 13 more thought provoking quotes by blogging God Steve Pavlina.

Shall I say “bye” with a quote then? :) This one from Eleanor Roosevelt is one of my favorite inspirational sayings – one that I have repeated to myself at times when I have faced immense opposition.

“Do only what your heart truly desires, for they will damn you if you do, and they will damn you if you don’t.”

May you follow your heart today. May I do so too. :)

Au revoir!

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