I Want to Get Clearer About My Career

by S. Sahoo
(Bangalore, India)


I am 29 but I am not yet “set” in my career because I only have a B.A. graduate degree and no professional technical degree. Recently, I completed a technical course but I still did not get a job since I am a fresher in the technical field.

I have also tried working with insurance in the past but even in those days, I was not happy. I don’t know what to do and the main thing is that I am always unhappy. Many of my other friends are happy with there jobs – they have got these jobs after completing their Bachelors in Engineering or Technology.

What do I do?


From what I have understood, here is what you are saying: “I do not have a technical degree and so I am not able to get a well-paying job. Currently, I am jobless despite completing a technical course. I want to get a well-paying job like my friends. What do I do?”

I thought about your problems for some time, and here is what I found out:

There are basically two problems you have. The first one is that right now you cannot get a technical job despite having completed a technical course. Well, genuinely and truly – the only solution to that problem is to try hard to get one. Apart from listing your resume with job sites like monster.com and naukri.com, you can make sure that you personally email all the companies you apply to. Tell them in an email that though you do not have a Bachelor’s degree in Technology, you do have “x”, “y” and “z” skills and the zeal to learn. If phone numbers of companies are given on the job sites, then call them and tell them about yourself. Don’t limit yourself to clicking on the “apply” button on job sites – be proactive and correspond. If you apply and email and call 40 companies a day – you can call 1200 companies in a month. There is an excellent chance that out of 1200, at least 1 will take you in and give you the technical job you want. Yes, it might take a month – but I am sure – one month of hard work will get you a job. It’s not that difficult because there are hundreds and thousands of jobs available.

Now let us come to the second problem. The second issue is that you are not able to get good technical jobs because you do not have a degree in Technology. I think what you could do is – that you could sit down alone in a quiet place and write down the exact type of job you really want. What do you want to be doing? Would you want to work on developing software? Maintaining it? 2 years later – what is the position you want to be in? Clarify what job you would want to have after 2 years. Be irrational – don’t worry about your degree in arts and your lack of technical knowledge – just be clear about the job profile you want.

Now, after clarifying that profile – write down exactly what you would need to do to attain that job profile. Your list could read something like:

1) Gaining a correspondence degree in Technology
2) Improving my English
3) Applying for 50 technical jobs a month

Now, set your goal. In two years (or 4 or 5 – depends on you) – your aim is to become a software consultant (or whatever job profile you like). You know what to do to get there. As you continue with your present job – parallely – keep doing the things you need to do get the job profile you want. For example, if you want to become a software consultant and you need to learn the language C++ and get a technical degree, then start learning C++ in the evenings. Apply for a Bachelor’s degree in Technology course via correspondence and start working on it. You can get a list of the best correspondence courses by simply typing “correspondence degree India” in Google.

The point is – set your goal clearly – and then – as you work on your current job – parallely start working on your goal. In the evenings or mornings learn the extra things that will get you your dream job. Keep applying for technical positions.

I genuinely feel that if you do these things, then one fine day – you will definitely get your dream job. There is no doubt about it.

All the best. 🙂