‘I Really Hate My Job. My Job Sucks!’

So you hate the job.

I can understand, I’ve been there

To keep answering other people and keep doing assignments you are not interested in ain’t fun.

I have an interesting idea about what you can do if you hate work. Let’s see if it works for you.

Saying ‘My Job Sucks’ is Fine But, What do You Want?

Now you hate your job, that’s fine. But what do you really want? I mean, really – what are you looking for?

You’re looking for a career which you enjoy and which also makes you money. That’s it isn’t it?

Now what if you could find such a career – wouldn’t that be cool!

I mean, yeah right now – you don’t want to take any risks – or quit your job – because you know that it gives you money.

But what if there was a chance of you earning money and dong what you enjoyed – without risking everything?

I think that is possible. Let’s see how you can have such a career.

Hate Job? Find What You Like

To have a career where you enjoy doing what you do, and get money from it, you’ll first have to know what you like dong right?

Without knowing that – how can you ever do what you like? So first you must list what you like doing.

I know all this sounds weird – but all you are doing is asking yourself – what do I enjoy doing? So make a list of things you like doing.

When I made my list, here’s what I wrote.

1) I love personal development. Like if I get angry, I’ll try to think – ‘why did I get angry?’ – ‘could I choose to not angry?’ – and weird things like that. Or if I sense that I am afraid of telling a girl she is beautiful, I’ll try to do it despite being afraid – just to overcome the fear. Basically exploring living and finding out more about what the heck I am doing here.

2) I love meeting new people. Like if I am at a marriage party and I don’t know anyone,I would love to walk up to a random stranger and say – ‘Hi, what do you do?’

3) I like writing simple, rhyming poems. Here’s one on this site.

4) I love anchoring on stage. Whenever I’ve anchored a quiz or a ceremony in the past, I’ve been on a high.

5) I love traveling. The experience of meeting new people and experiencing a new culture. And visiting new places and having new experiences.

6) I love the words – “new”, “weird”, “different” and “being ripped apart”

7) I love making a difference in the lives of people and somehow helping them.

8) I love acting uniquely in my own way in mundane, daily situations. Like I might walk along my uniquely carved curved path one day instead of walking straight over a short distance, or I might say ‘have a refreshing and memorable birthday ‘ instead of ‘happy birthday’.

Now like I’ve written down, what I like – you too write down what you like doing. Sounds weird, but do it anyway. It might help.

Think How To Make Money Out Of It

 When I made my list, and thought and thought about how to make money out of what I liked – I decided to launch this personal development site. Here I share whatever I learn about life as I live, and I like doing it. And there are many ways to earn money using a website.

Now you think – how can you sell what you like doing and make money from it?

Do you like gardening? Annelie has this site about rose gardening which she made because she was interested in roses and she earns money. Tomaz has this site about tennis. There’s a nice software called Site Build It! which helps in building a site and publicizing it from beginning to end.

There are also other ways. Like, if you are interested in dancing, how about offering to teach people in your locality dance? You could do that – it would be a bit embarrassing at first – but you could go and tell your neighbors you’re teaching dance and they can join if they want to, right? Or tennis? Or chess?

How can you sell what you like doing?

So What Now…

But you see, you don’t need to quit your job! I mean, you can just take some time out and start doing what you like. Like you can build your website in your lunch time or in the evening or hold dance classes every few days. And start doing what you like and making some money through it.

You have enough time! You can take years if you want to. But you can just keep at it – keep doing what you like more and more, little by little and keep trying to earn money from it little by little.

One fine day when you earn enough by doing what you like – you can quit your job and have this nice career where you do what you like and earn money!

Sounds weird right? It is. But clearly – isn’t it simple? You just keep doing more of what you like and keep thinking of ways to create value and earn money from it. And you keep doing this more and more. Simple.

Leo Babauta was this guy who had a job. And he liked writing about personal development and productivity. So he just kept writing in his free office hours. And soon, his blog became popular and he quit his job.

Today he earns a lot just by doing what he likes – writing about productivity. Isn’t that cool? 🙂

Do what you like more. And keep thinking about how you can create value for others and earn money from it. That’s it.