I Am All Messed Up and In Deep Trouble!

by A Girl
(Lazyland ;))


I got a very ordinary job after my college in the hope that I would prepare for my MBA and then get a really good job after my MBA.

Right now, when my MBA entrance exams are just round the corner, I am realizing that I have not prepared at all! I have wasted my time because of my laziness and am still not able to concentrate completely on my studies. As the exams approach nearer, my fear of failure is crushing me. I carry this strong face before others but these days whenever I am alone, I just burst into tears thinking about what will happen if I don’t get admission in a good college. What do I do?


Hi 🙂

From what I understand the main problem you are facing is that despite your examinations approaching, you are not able to study because of your laziness.

This is quite natural and I myself passed through this exact phase when I was preparing for IITJEE, the entrance examination to get into one of the IITs in India. I used to feel lethargic and wile away my time and at the end of the day I would feel frustrated about not studying.

However, some simple techniques helped me study despite my lethargy during those days and they might help you too.

Make a Plan

Sit down and write down exactly how many days are left before your next exam. What is it that you must study for that examination? Clearly write down a day-by-day plan mentioning which topics you will study on what day.

The advantage of clearly making a plan is that it gets you into the “yes, I can crack this exam” mindset. It motivates you and makes you feel your target can be achieved.

So yes, first make a plan and write down exactly what you will study, when.

Use the Work-play Technique to Study

Take a look at the technique mentioned on this page. This is the technique I used to study despite being lazy. The technique basically says that after 1 hour of study or a fixed period of study, you take an amazing and addictive break. For example, reading a Harry Potter book is an addictive activity. So, after every one hour of study, you get to read Harry Potter for 15 minutes. Then you study for 1 hour again and then you get your addictive break again. Basically, the break involves such an interesting activity that if you lose concentration during your 1 hour of study, you are motivated to continue studying for the complete 1 hour because of the addictive break. Some more examples of addictive breaks are – watching a gripping movie for 15 minutes, reading a detective novel for 15 minutes, playing an addictive video game for 15 minutes etc.

Reward Yourself Everyday

Every single day that you complete what you had planned for the day, reward yourself. The reward could be big or small – but it will encourage you to study well the next day too. One day’s reward could be watching a movie. Another day’s reward could be playing a certain computer game. Yet another day’s reward could be treating yourself to ice cream.

I think if you really follow these three steps as you prepare for your entrance exams, there is a good chance that you will be able to study consistently and to your satisfaction.

All the best for your exams. 🙂