How to Overcome Fear? I’ll Find That Out In the Next 30 Days!

Tomorrow onwards, I am going to start a fascinating experiment that’ll tell me how to overcome fear.:)

I’ll call this experiment the “Facing Fears Experiment.”

You see, all of us have so many fears. Here are some samples.

‘Has my boss seen me checking my Facebook account?’

’I hope my husband does not find out about that small secret I’ve hidden from him…‘

‘How will I address 500 people at once? 500!’

‘What will he think of me if I say ‘no’ to him?’

‘What if I call that friend I haven’t called in years and tell him I was wrong?’

Even if there is no clear thing like a tiger or lion we are afraid of – there are just so many vague fears in our lives- small little things that are there in the background of our mind as we live.

I have many of these fears too, just like everyone else. And in this experiment that I’ll start from tomorrow onwards – I’ll face my fears.

In fact, for 1 month starting from June 12 (tomorrow) I will face one big fear I have every day.

“From June 12 to July 12 I will face one fear I have, everyday.”

Isn’t it interesting?

It is. And scary too. Interesting because it promises an absolutely new life to me! For example, what if I actually checked my Facebook account in front of my boss while he is right behind me? What if I actually talked to my parents about my girlfriend despite knowing it might be unpleasant?

And that is what I plan to do in the next one month. 🙂

The Idea Seems a Bit Crazy. Where Did It Come From?

For a long time I have been noticing this unpleasant feeling of vague fear in my mind.

When I am at work, I am afraid of my boss noticing that I am chatting with my girlfriend on Google Talk. When I talk to another employee, I am careful to make sure the boss isn’t hearing me. When I talk to my girlfriend on phone in a place where there are other people I know, I feel quite uncomfortable. Sometimes when I see a stranger wearing a fantastic t-shirt, I hesitate in complementing the stranger about his t-shirt and keep the compliment in my heart.

And yet, I am a normal person you would meet at work, or on the road.

The point is – without even knowing it – fear fills a large part of my life.

And that is why I want to face all of these fears in the next one month.:) I want to face one single big fear a day for a month – be it the fear of “destroying the good impressions I have created” or the “fear of social embarrassment.”

I want to see how my life changes as I surmount a fear a day.

Of course, it won’t be easy. I may shiver while I tell my girlfriend something I have never told her about my life. I may shudder as I call up a relative I haven’t called in years. Or feel embarrassed as I stand up and clap to appreciate a special scene in a movie theater. But I want to see how living fearlessly feels like. 🙂

How Will I Choose Which Fear to Face Every Day?

I have made a private list of fears I am going to face – 30 fears in all. The advantage of making such a list is that everyday when I wake up I will know what fear to face. There might be many spontaneous situations during the day which may test my “face a fear “approach and make me afraid. Well I could face those fears that crop up suddenly too. But whether I face them or not – I will definitely have one fear in my list that I will just have to face no matter what.

Here are three sample fears out of the 30 fears in my list. 🙂

1)Lying down on my back in a reasonably crowded public place for about a minute.

2)Checking my Facebook account in front of my boss as he watches me.

3)Telling a beautiful girl (a stranger) that she looks beautiful.

Let’s see how this ‘how to overcome fear’ trial goes! A fear a day for 30 days.

The Facing Fears Experiment Updates

What fears did I face in the last week? Did I shudder? Did I shiver? Did I still tell the girl sitting at the nearby table in that restaurant that she looked beautiful? 🙂 I am going to share the crux of what happens during this fear experiment with you every 7 – 10 days. I’ll also tell you whatever I learn about how to overcome fear.

Yes, writing about how I felt so vulnerable and shivered as I faced my fears will be another big fear. 🙂 But that fear must be faced too.

Let’s begin.

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