How to Meditate? Here Are Two Interesting Ways

So you’ve heard a lot about meditation, and want to try something out for yourself?

Now meditation seems to be that boring activity where you’ve got to sit still and switch off lights and have terrific self control.

But what the heck is meditation essentially?

We’re all caught up in thoughts and emotions – tense about what to do in class tomorrow or what the boss in office will say or if X loves me enough . I’m going to Delhi tomorrow and I’m already frantic about whether I have enough ironed clothes, whether I’ll be able to spend the holiday with friends and parents both..bla bla.

So I think meditations is just forgetting all this too-much-thinking-and-worrying crap, relaxing, and feeling peaceful.

But feeling peaceful does not have to be boring! Here are 2 unconventional easy meditation techniques that I’ve tried out and which you can try out anywhere, anytime, to chill without losing awareness.

How to Meditate? Who Am I? Meditation Instructions

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing – ask yourself – Who am I? Sounds like a crazy question? KEEP ASKING. DON’T ANSWER. WAIT for an answer. And KEEP asking till YOU HEAR AN ANSWER. This one is ALWAYS very irritating for me initially whenever I do it because no matter how much I ask – I don’t hear an answer in the beginning! So maybe you won’t either. But persist. Ask again – who am I ? And listen. Who are you? Don’t give up.

When I persisted at it, for like 15 minutes ….I suddenly felt a beautiful sense of peace and calm. I felt like I was something wonderful and still and my body and my thoughts and my emotions were just a surface disturbance phenomenon – while the STILL and PEACEFUL me inside remained untouched.

Even now I get this one right rarely and have to try again and again to get answers. But yes, if you keep at it, I promise you peace.

How to Meditate? Eating Meditation Instructions

When you are eating, eat with FULL AWARENESS of what you are eating. Touch the pizza. Feel its surface roughness. Feel its softness as you press it. Inhale the smell that is coming from the food. When you put it in your mouth – feel your tongue touching the morsel and your saliva slowly engulfing it. Feel the first touch of your teeth as they prepare to bite it. Feel how the taste of the food gets dissipated in your mouth. Use all your senses. SEE. TOUCH. HEAR it as you munch it! SMELL it! TAAAA…STE it!

The point is – when we eat, generally we talk or think of things like what to do after lunch, or what happened in the morning. At least I do ALL of this. Becoming aware of what you are eating and getting lost in it, forgetting EVERYTHING else, is just soo…relaxing.

I’ve done it only a few times. 😉 But well, give it a try when you have lunch today. 🙂

I’ve put in 2 more crazy free meditation techniques in another article here. Try them out too!

I mean, meditating everyday habitually and focusing on breathing and all can be difficult. But you can try out these simple calming techniques whenever you are idle or feel like it once in every few days, right?

The first few times you meditate, you might feel irritated and fed up. Once you make it into a habit though, you’ll find yourself loving it and even looking forward to it.