‘How to Meditate’ for Beginners: Two Quick and Interesting Ways to Meditate

Here go two more interesting and easy meditation techniques. The POINT is – meditation does NOT have to be boring!

Neither does it have to be too tough.

Meditation I think is just rising above daily routine troubling thoughts like “Why-doesn’t-X-have-lunch-with-me?” or “Why-did-that-guy-talk-to-me-so-rudely?”, and chilling and feeling peaceful!

So meditate in these unique ways.

Meditation Tip#1: Song Meditation

First select the most awesome songs on this earth – the ones you just don’t want to stop listening to and start playing them in your play list. NOW, forget the WHOLE world – just listen to the songs.

Listen to any part of the song you like – if you feel like enjoying the lyrics – listen to the words intently…Or listen to the background music..the different instruments playing in quick succession, each small sound of music composed of so many small sounds…The pauses, the excitement, the emotion in the singer’s voice..The sudden strokes and beats! Just listen and savor it ALL forgetting everything else! Nothing else exists but this..GET LOST..

I was listening to a song (Aashayein from the Hindi movie Iqbal..) when the music so enticed me – so drew me in sync with it – that I lost sense of myself and spontaneously began to dance. I didn’t dance with planned steps – but the music made me jump and dance the way it wanted to! I swayed, and moved as the music ebbed and waned..I was ecstatic, blissful – for a moment I was in the MOMENT.

Try it, please. 🙂

Meditation Tip#2: Watch Your Surroundings

Wherever you are – what’s around you? Just look! Are there chairs? People? Walls. Paintings. Curtains. Coffee mugs. Computers? Observe and become aware of your surroundings. The wall texture. The floor design…The unique way the computer is shaped. The fantastic way the table top has been chiseled. Your clothes – the interesting way in which the shirt’s got its folds! What’s around you that you have never observed? Get lost in it! Are you stuck in a traffic jam – look at the unique color and shape of the car in front of you! The plants next to you – the shape of the leaves, their beauty. USE your senses. Hear stuff! See it! Touch it and feel the texture!Is there a smell in the air? How do your lips taste – 😉

Wherever I am, this one always makes me feel good. I forget everything that’s troubling me and feel the LIFE around me. And then I feel like rocking!

Come on, it’s so simple. Rock your world. Meditate, easily. 🙂