A “How To” Law of Attraction Manual Seems to Be in the Making! My 4th Desire to Manifest a Rose Also Came True.

My 4th desire in the law of attraction experiment came true!

I was able to manifest a rose similar to the one I had intended less than an hour after setting the intention. 🙂

(For those who’re new to the experiment: I am trying to manifest 20 desires in 40 days using the law of attraction )

Just as in the previous cases, the actual way in which the rose manifested was completely unexpected: I didn’t guess things would turn out the way they did.

What Did I Do?

I and my friend were having lunch together when I suddenly felt like setting my intention. 🙂

I closed my eyes and took some conscious breaths in the restaurant itself.

I imagined a beautiful crimson rose, with many distinct “curves” and no thorns near the petal area. I held this rose in my hand and felt the softness of its petals. I caressed it with my cheek…Then I imagined gifting my girlfriend this rose. The purity and innocence of the scene filled me with a peaceful feeling.

nd when I looked at the stopwatch: 29 seconds had passed. 🙂

How Did “Intention Rose” Manifest Then?

This time, the intention took hardly an hour to manifest. Maybe the intensity and emotional attachment with which you think about a desire speeds up its manifestation.

I and my friend had hardly walked out of the restaurant when my eyes found a florist sitting on the pavement.

“Oops”, I thought. Ah!

Filled with anticipation, I approached the florist. Would I actually be able to spot a rose of the exact colour I had imagined?

As if in answer to my question, I immediately observed a bouquet full of crimson roses – with the exact curves and colour I had imagined. I looked for thorns: there were none. 🙂

These crimson roses were slightly smaller than the one I had imagined, but in all other aspects they were the same.

I felt touched.

“Thank you universe”, I muttered…

I could have attributed finding a florist to chance, but the fulfillment of my past desires has now filled me with enough confidence to actually trust that this was the universe’s doing.

So, What’s Up Next?

This experiment is now getting really interesting because the universe is manifesting everything that I am intending in stunning fashion!

This is exciting because I am slowly getting the feeling: “I can raise the bar and keep asking for things that are more and more difficult to get, and STILL get them!” It’s like suddenly discovering a magic lamp and asking for things one by one…

My next intention is to manifest a bowl of water with rose-petals floating around in it. The rose petals should be of a subtle pinkish red colour…

This intention seems to be the most “difficult intention to manifest” till date. Manifesting a packet of Maggi, a night-pant and getting my mobile phone repaired seems possible – but where would I find rose petals in a bowl of water?

I don’t know. 🙂 I am sure the universe knows better though, which is why I am excited to find out exactly how this intention will come true. Until next time, good bye!