How to Get a Life By Asking Yourself Some Questions

How to get a life that makes you happy?

In this post – I am not going to preach anything. (OK – that’s not possible πŸ˜› ) πŸ™‚ In fact I am simply going to ask you some questions. I am also going to ask myself those questions – at the same time.

You see, overall: are you happy with everything in your life? OR – are you tolerating and getting by? If you are perfectly happy – that’s great of course – and you might as well stop reading.

But if there is any area of your life that you are just tolerating – why is that happening? What is stopping you from removing that thing you are just tolerating from your life?

How to Get a Life: Career

Are you enjoying a blissful career? Are your finances – just the way you want them to be? When you work, do you really ENJOY the work – or do you just tolerate it? Do you feel “caged” at times?

If you had to rate your career on a scale of 1 to 10 – what would your rating be?

I am asking myself the same questions – and truly I must confess – that right now – I am not satisfied with my own career either. I like writing here – and I like developing this site – but what about my day long job?

The truth is – I don’t like it. I don’t like working for someone else – the terms being dictated by someone else. I don’t enjoy the work either. Its not “bad” bad – but yes – I am tolerating it.

So, well, I plan to quit. I have given myself a deadline to quit. Within a month – I am opting out. I am not quite sure of what I’ll do for an income after I quit – I am figuring it out. But I am sure of this – I want my career – to be amazing. I want it to be fulfilling, financially empowering and also something that gives me immense freedom. And I am sure – that though in the short term, I might suffer a bit, in the long run this decision will make me happy.

What about you – are you really satisfied? No I am not asking you to quit – that’s a big decision – but you can at least admit the truth to yourself – and starting thinking of how to make things better. There are times when we don’t have the courage to make a certain decision but we can still be true to ourselves and admit that there is a problem. Denying the problem doesn’t take us anywhere.

So well – if you are not completely satisfied with your career – admit it. Also, why not list down what the solution is – even if you are not ready to implement it just yet? What do you love doing and how can you make that into a career?

How to Get a Life: Relationships

Are you perfectly happy with all the relationships in your life?

Is your primary relationship blissful to say the least? Is it just awesome? If not – why not? What can you do to improve it?

What about your other relationships – are they superficial or are you able to connect deeply with others being true to yourself too? Again – what can you do to make them better?

Just saying, but it is possible to let go of people you are not happy interacting with. It is possible to change the way you relate to some people. It is possible to be yourself AND relate to people.

I am currently extremely satisfied and happy with my primary relationship – with my wife. If I had to rate this relationship – i would give it 9 on 10 at least.

I am not so sure about relationships in general though. For some reason, I feel that there is a lack of space in my life. I feel a bit suffocated at times. I feel like too many people want to interact with me and while I would love to interact with many of them, I end up interacting a bit too much with too many people not to my liking. So overall – many relationships in my life have become some kinds of obligations. Yes, that’s the truth.

And I want to change that. I know it will require courage. I may have to let go of some people completely. Now that requires courage because I will have to trust in my essence enough to let go without feeling guilty. I might have to change the way I interact with some other people.

But I am going to make those changes. It will have to happen.

What about you? Could you list down which relationships are working perfectly for you and which aren’t? What can you do to change them? You needn’t carry out any change yet – but then whats wrong in just admitting the truth…?

How to Get a Life: Daily Habits

Are you happy with your daily routine?

Are you happy with the time at which you wake up? And the time at which you sleep? And the first 2-3 things that you complete just after you wake up?

Stephen Aitchison, the famous blogger once told me in an interview that he finished all his critical tasks of the day early in the morning. I thought – wow, what a cool way to start the day! Basically – there is no doubt that our daily routine also has an effect on our day overall.

I am just about reasonably satisfied with my daily routine. No, I am not super excited about it. Unlike Steven Aitchison – I do not finish all my work before 8 AM. However, I have recently added two small components to my daily routine that have helped me.

One part is – trying my best to wake up at 7 AM in the morning. I know that’s not a big deal for many people but I have been used to waking up at 9 and 10 AM for years and years. πŸ™‚ So well, it was a big deal for me. These days I generally do wake up at 7. It has had a tremendous positive effect on my life. I feel fresher and more energetic and I have much more time to write, to think, to read or to simply get ready.

The second thing I have added to my daily routine is “planning my day”. Everyday in the morning, I plan what I want to achieve in my day. I might want to write an article. Or I might want to work on Adsense optimization. πŸ˜‰ Whatever it is – I plan out what I want to accomplish today. Again this habit has also helped me feel more meaningful and satisfied.

Having said that, my daily routine does still require improvement – there is no doubt about that.

What about yours? Are you satisfied with it? Do you want to change it and make it AWESOME? Why NOT!

Again – you can at least admit to yourself what change you want to make in your routine – even if you don’t implement the change right away.

Why Can’t Life Be Awesome?

I think it can be, actually.

I think there are just two things really required. One – to admit what it is that we want. Two – to go ahead and make those things happen. But of course – the first thing is at least admitting.

As you saw, my life isn’t perfect either. πŸ™‚ In fact with my job plans hanging in thin air – it is only going to get more turbulent soon.

But then, that’s the thing – I know I am going towards what I want and slowly letting go of what I don’t really, truly want.

What about you? Can you make some small change in your life – a change you’ve always wanted to make but never made? Or you can just go ahead and admit to yourself how you want your life to be. You may not have the power to create it yet – but there’s no point in denying or tolerating, is there?

All the best. To both you and me.