How to Find Your Passion: A Conversation I Had With Myself

I don’t know the answer to ‘how to find your passion?’ 🙂

In fact, I don’t even understand the words purpose and passion, do you?

What are you looking for when you talk about passion? Something outside you that will come and take you by storm and then you will always be on a high doing it, feeling terribly meaningful…?

Do you really think that will ever happen that way?

A simpler way without using complex words like passion and purpose is to simply ask yourself what you really want to do or feel like doing. I think if you really ask yourself what you want right now – and listen for an answer, you will eventually find passion, purpose, meaning everything.

Here is one conversation I had with myself where I asked myself what I really wanted:

How to Find Your Passion – A Conversation

Me 1 to Me 2: What do you want to do my love?

Me 2: I don’t know, I mean – I just don’t know…

Me 1: It’s OK to not know what you love. Now tell me is there anything at all that you want right now? Maybe you don’t want anything – everything is perfect as it is, is it? Is that so?

Me 2: Mmm, I want this girl I love to live with me. I want that we go watch movies, and plays and sit at Nariman point. And that we talk a lot with each other and connect very much. I want that we go camping and lie down and watch the stars and that we roam around in sector 17, Chandigarh.

I want to tell my parents about this girl and visit Andhra Pradesh along with her and introduce her to all my relatives. And I want to show her Vizianagaram – the little sights and sounds. It would be so lovely to roam around Vizianagaram wth her!

And yes, other places too. Like Nainital. We could roam around Nainital, and sit on the steps near the lake.

Me 1: Oh that’s nice! What else do you want honey? Is there anything else you want?

Me 2: Yes, yes. I want there to be LOTS of content on my site. Like 150 pages. I want all of it to be terribly genuine and feel light as I write. And I want lots of money from my site.

Me 1: Cool! Is that it? Or do you want anything else too?

Me 2: I want to learn awesome things and teach awesome things. For example I want to learn a lot about subjective reality and the law of attraction which I am just discovering and anchor events and teach it. I want to try out interesting things like astral projection and lucid dreaming and read a lot about them and practice them!

And yes, I’ll repeat, I want to anchor a lot, A LOT!

And I also want to just set out on a quest and explore different parts of the city…You know, just go out and visit the planetarium one day, a beach one day, watch a cultural performance one day. I want to explore it.

And I want to talk to all kinds of people – beggars too. And take them out to eat and learn about their lives.

Me 1: And?

Me 2: And I want to visit so many countries in the world with this girl I love! Like I want to go to Italy and look at buildings and talk to people and coooo…..ld countries like Norway and also poor places like some African countries. And wherever I go I want to meet lots of people and completely EXPERIENCE that country!

Me 1: 🙂

Me 2: For now I only want these things. Can’t see further.

Me 1: And what do you want first of all these things?

Me 2: I want to write a LOT of genuine content on the site – which is just me! And I want to generate money from it too.

So How to Find Your Passion?

So I asked myself what I wanted, and these were the simple answers I found.

Sometimes, sentences like ‘how to find your passion’ and purpose do confuse us.

We keep reading about people who say – “I am living my passion, this is my purpose.” But did those people really spend years thinking – what’s my purpose! – I just must know it! – And did that purpose drop down in a note then? Like – “Go to Africa and serve the desert camels?” I don’t think so. I think all they ever did – was ask themselves what they wanted to do– listen to it and do it.

Your answer maybe very simple, you may not want to blog or anchor or travel the world, you may want to teach at a nearby slum, fine, do it. Or climb mountains or simply cook. Or right now maybe you are in poverty and what you want first is money. Anything you want is fine. After all tell me, what else can ever give you meaning except what you really want to do now?

The key is to simply ask yourself the question – what do you really want to do now? Or better still – do you want anything at all? Is your life awesome just as it is? What more do you want if at all?

Then listen to the answers. And then act on any one that you can. I don’t think you’ll go wrong. I think you’ll find purpose, passion, everything. 🙂

So, well, is there anything you really want? 🙂 What the heck are you still here for? Do it!