How to Feel Happy: One Strange Way to be Happy That Worked For Me

A few days ago I was upset with my girlfriend. I was feeling bad.

This time however, instead of succumbing to feeling worse and further worse, I decided to do something different.

I tried this interesting method out – and ended up feeling happy in 5 minutes! All my anger and sadness vanished and I was smiling.

Of course, I have to share it with you. 🙂

What Did I Do?

I first drew a clock like this:

Next, I wrote down what I was feeling in the moment. I was feeling very unloved. So I wrote down – “I am feeling unloved” above the number 12. So my clock became this:

Now I thought – is there anything even slightly positive that I can think about her? Anything I can be thankful about?

I thought and thought but all I could think was stuff like – “Oh she did this and she did that.” But I kept thinking – “Is there anything nice right now about her that I am thankful about? Anything at all?” Suddenly I thought – “At least she is online right now. It feels good to see that she is online. It feels nice.” Somehow, that thought felt good! Atleast she was online in front of me and her green G Talk light was glowing. It did feel nice.

So in my clock, between 12 and 1, I wrote down – “Atleast she is online right now.”

“Hmm. Is there anything else, that I am thankful about right now with respect to her? Anything at all?” – I thought. “She was the one who initiated the conversation, just now” – I remembered. That felt nice. She had tried to talk to me. She did care for me. I wrote that down in my clock between 1 and 2 like this:

“Is there anything more right now that can make me feel nice?” I did not have to think much this time. A thought rushed in – “I am so thankful that I am at least doing something about my sadness this time instead of just feeling worse and cribbing. Thank God it struck me to write all this.” I wrote down:

Thoughts started pouring in now. “Thank God I read the book “Ask and it is given” – which suggested this exercise. Oh thank God.” Wrote that down. “Oh I am already feeling better….” Wrote that down. “I am just so freaking glad that she’s online!”” Oh I know she loves me a lot, just doesn’t show it sometimes.” “Oh, I remember the time when she saw me and just jumped! – Oh that was so wonderful. She was so happy to see me. “ “Maybe she too is troubled by something. I should care for her more, really. How must she be? I love her. She loves me too…”

Soon enough I had filled my clock with nice feeling thoughts. 🙂

And guess, what after I had reached 12, I was actually smiling! Now I would really think this was some sort of miracle – but this ACTUALLY happened to me. Even I feel strange now when I think of it! I was feeling so terrible a while ago and now I was feeling ecstatic and loving! 🙂

When You Feel Sad

Could you try this when you feel sad?

Draw a clock. Then think – “Is there anything even slightly nice that I can think about? Anything nice that I am thankful for right now – just anything at all?” Wrack your brains. Ask – ask – ask. Finally, when you find something nice somehow – write it down between 12 and 1.

Now think of something slightly nicer to think about again. Again – make the effort – you’ll really reap rich dividends! Write down that nice thought between 1 and 2. Keep thinking about something nice – anything that feels just a little better, just a bit relieving – think about it. There must be SOMETHING nice that happened to you that makes sense even now. Please find it. Write it down.

Keep doing this till you reach 12. As you keep writing slightly better feeling thoughts – you will find it easier and easier to think about nicer things and keep feeling better and better.

I promise you, you will feel happy. You just have to – and I can vouch for it because I did!

Why Does This Work?

Maybe because everything we feel is because of our thoughts – and if we can somehow focus our thoughts towards something nice, we will automatically feel nice. But I don’t really know. The thing is, it worked for me.

No I didn’t invent this process on the spot. 🙂 I read it in the book, “Ask and it is Given.”

So why not try it the next time you’re sad? I’ll try it too.