How to be Positive? Despite Everything Else.

How can you be positive despite people, circumstances, work,etc?

How can you not remark – “life sucks”, or “Oh no!”, or “Oh shit!” when there is so much around that disturbs and frustrates? How to be more positive than you are?

How to be Positive – 1
Genuinely Appreciate

This thing really works! Just the other day as I was walking along, I saw a boy twirling a stick and making it rotate exquisitely. “That’s so cool”, I remarked. “Isn’t it?” said the boy and smiled. I felt very, very nice as I continued on my way.

Every time I appreciate anything genuinely, I notice that I feel very good no matter how my mood is. I mean maybe something just happens with those chemicals inside – I don’t know – it just feels so, so good – appreciating the shirt of a stranger, the awesome seat design of a cab or the food at a restaurant. Come, try appreciating a bit more in the next few days. I mean, there are awesome things happening around you – just notice – there must be something that you like? Say you like it.

It generates more positive thoughts in you throughout the day.

How to be Positive – 2
Say Thank You!

This one’s close second after appreciation in turning on the positive-thoughts machine. 🙂 All day so many things which are awesome happen to us but we hardly notice!

For example, I met a friend I did not expect to meet at all 2 days ago. And I enjoyed our meeting a lot. Thank you universe! Then I got some extra money because of freelance work I had done. Thank you universe! Then my maid gifted me clothes for Diwali. Thank you universe! Then my article submission was accepted at Self Help Collective , thank you universe!

Of course a lot of crappy things also happened, but I see that the more I say ‘thank you’ for the awesome things that happen, the more the awesome things keep happening! I know this sounds so weird – in fact I thought so too, but it’s actually happened with me!

So please do try to say thank you. I mean, yeah they keep talking about keeping a gratitude journal and all but I have never kept one. I mean if you too are too lazy like me to keep one, you and I we can at least say thank you whenever something nice happens. And we can notice when something nice happens.

I am sure that will somehow bring in more positive thoughts.

How to be Positive – 3
Imagine Nice Things

Once me and my friend had an argument and I was thinking – “Why did he do this?” and “Why did he do that?” Then I thought – let me for a change, imagine the nice times we had together, the nice things we could do together. This was terribly tough- I mean who the heck wants to imagine those things when you are angry? But I tried because I thought – let me see if this positive thought thingy works. I did manage to somehow imagine mostly nice things about this friend for 3 hours.

AND, reality changed! The very next day, we were bosom pals again! And as intimate as ever!

This STRUCK me. I mean, I’d simply thought nice things, that’s it!

So now I am SURE, that if you keep imagining nice things – in some way, nice things will happen. Circumstances etc will change to make awesome stuff happen.

When I am in a train doing nothing or on a bus, or anytime, when I am just idle, I keep imagining wonderful things about my website, and my life. And it feels good anyway.

What do you do? Do you go to the gym? Or get your hair cut? Or wait in a traffic jam? Why not imagine something awesome? Like how you would want your day to go ideally? Or what you and your wife could do tonight?

I am sure, you’ll have more positive thoughts that way.

How to be Positive – 4
Read an Article a Day and Limit Newspapers and TV

This is pretty straight forward. The more positive the things that surround you, the more positive you feel, isn’t it?

Now if you read an article like this one or similar ones, of course you’ll think – “Life is good. I can make changes. I can improve.” Something like that. If you read a newspaper which says, “So many died here, so many clashes there, so much crap everywhere”, – you’ll keep thinking about how your life sucks.

Basically, I really started feeling much, much better ever since I quit front page newspaper headlines and TV and started reading one article from my favorite blog a day. It could be because I was surrounding myself more with “what I could do and how I could improve” and not – “why this sucks and that sucks and why that guy ate all that money instead of his dinner last night.” 🙂

So well, you’re visiting me everyday from now on right? Come on, you’ve got to do that for the sake of getting positive thoughts everyday! 😛

How to be Positive – 5
Hum “Positive Thought and Action”

Here’s how this phrase literally changed my life. In a nutshell, I was very introverted and afraid and shy, and I kept humming, “Positive thought and action! Positive thought and action!” in tune with my favorite song hundreds of times a day. Soon I turned into someone who anchored quizzes and debates, enjoyed public speaking, and said “hi” to strangers.

What’s your favorite song? OK, the one with all the gung-ho music? Keep humming positive thought and action, positive thought and action! As much as you can. All day if you can. Fuck negative thoughts. You rock.

How to be Positive – 6
Do Something New You Have Never Done Before

Come on, who won’t think negatively if he keeps doing the same old things again and again and again all day long for years? Why, even saying “positive thought and action” gets boring after that much time.

I find that whenever I take a new path home, order a never-ordered-before dish at a restaurant, call a not-called-since-world-war-II friend, or wave at a passing bus without rhyme or reason, I feel very good and filled with positive thoughts.

Now if you had this habit of doing something new everyday or at least once in a few days, wouldn’t you really feel better? There are so many experiences out there! Jump over a small wall. Walk along a curved manner instead of walking straight for one day. Ask a stranger some silly question. 🙂 Life rocks! So feel good.

Oh, try any of these tips out – each of them could really fill your life with wonders. Even I think negatively so many times – because I am just like you, but who doesn’t like a couple of more positive and happy days?

Rock your world by thinking positively.