How to Be Positive: Music Is My Answer

by Francisca
(Goa, India)

Exploring and expressing one's talent definitely leads to positive thoughts.

In my case, music makes me feel very good.

When I was a child, I really didn't know that I had lots of talent in this area. When I was young, I could sing pretty well but it was when I took up a job in the bank at 21 that I decided to learn how to play the guitar
. Soon, I started playing my favourite songs and each time I played, I felt elated. Music became a constant source of joy for me.

For many years, I was stuck at playing only the guitar - until 3 years ago that is. That's when I thought I would try the mandolin. I learnt how to play the mandolin and enjoyed the process. After that, I felt excited about playing the violin and I started learning how to play the violin. While learning to play the violin, I got a heart attack. That made me lose interest in playing musical instruments for a while.

There came a phase when I stopped playing music (because of the heart attack) and my guitar lay at home gathering dust.

In July last year, I suddenly saw an advertisement on Indian TV - a Vodafone add in which an old man was gifting a mouth organ/harmonica to a young lad. When I saw it, I thought, "Perhaps I should try learning how to play the harmonica!" The very next day, I started playing the harmonica
- and now I can play several tunes on it. This makes me tremendously happy!

What am I trying to convey through all these words? The fact that honing a talent and expressing yourself through it, automatically makes you think positive thoughts. For me, this talent was music and I was able to feel the joy of expressing this talent by playing different musical instruments. What is this talent for you? Sometimes, I get discouraged because of my health and I feel afraid. Then, I pray, play music, read and bounce back. Having an outlet to express yourself - a special hobby, is a great way to feel positive when you are feeling sad.

I'll end this write-up by saying I am thankful to God for all the talents he has given me. Hope you explore your talents too!

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