How Do You Attract Money? Here’s a Peculiar “Manifesting” Technique

How do you attract money?

I am reading this interesting book right now – and in it, I read about a mind-boggling way to attract money. It was so intriguing – this method this book listed – that I IMMEDIATELY STARTED RELEGIOUSLY following the attracting-money technique it listed.

I don’t really know yet if the technique works or not – but at first glance it is so terribly interesting that I’d say try it at least once.

What’s The “How to Attract Money” Technique?

Take a blank check and write out a 1000 dollars check for yourself. So this means the universe has gifted you thousand dollars. Fine?

Now you’ve got these thousand dollars. Spend them! Write out checks to spend the thousand dollars!

What do you want? Do you want a massage at the best massage parlor in Prague? Do you want a gold ring or chain? Do you want to eat at Paris’ 3-star Michelin restaurant? Eat! Write out checks to all these people and dream more about how you could spend your thousand dollars!

I “bought” the complete “Friends” DVD set which I am crazy about. And I bought a platinum pendant for the girl I love. (blush, blush 😉 )And I “bought” myself a chauffeur who would take me to work and get me back. 🙂

Now when you’re done with this “check writing” thing, chill – you’ve done enough for the day.

Now, THE NEXT DAY – do exactly the same thing – but instead of 1000 dollars, gift yourself – 2000 dollars! And then write out checks to spend them!

And then the next to next day, write out checks for spending 3000 dollars after gifting yourself 3000 dollars!

Keep doing this every day! At the end of one year, you’re getting and spending 365,000 dollars. Oops. 🙂

All this sounds weird, doesn’t it? What’s sounding weird– it IS WEIRD!

The ‘How to Attract Money’ Logic

But the book tells you the logic behind it too. I mean, yes, there is a logic behind this ‘manifest money’ game, it says.

You know the basics of applying the law of attraction right? ( If you don’t, this is a great article about it ). What I understand is that – whatever you dominantly think about happens – and circumstances get created based on what you think again and again.

Now this book says – most of us without even knowing keep thinking thoughts like – “I won’t have enough money…I wish I had a million dollars – but I don’t have them…..” Basically thoughts which intend a state of ‘no money’.

It says – if we keep thinking thoughts that people think when they already have a million dollars – thoughts like – “How do I spend my million dollars?” or “ Wow, I am so thankful that I have a million dollars”, we’ll actually have them!

But oops, how the heck will I think about how to spend a million dollars if I have like 50 dollars?

ENTER: The Manifesting Prosperity Check Game.

The logic is – in this game, everyday you direct your thoughts so that you start believing that it IS possible for you to have so much money and spend it lavishly without any fear. I mean, the whole mindset of spending thousands of dollars, thinking of what you would like to spend them on – whether you’d want to go to New York or Tahiti, buying whatever you feel like – THIS, says the book, resonates EXACTLY with ACTUALLY MANIFESTING MONEY. These are the thoughts an actually rich person would think, right?

So well, I think it’s an AMAZING way to put your dominant thoughts in the direction of – “I already have the money!”

Well fine, money or no money, doesn’t the game sound mighty interesting? I mean, I’ve been doing it since the last 3 days, and every day I am pretty happy and excited thinking about what to buy today! Imagine dreaming and thinking – “I have these extra 2-000 dollars, what do I buy with them!” And you can let your imagination wander and buy anything you desire!

I’d say try it. 🙂 In fact, let’s try it together!

The “Manifest Money” Checks

Oh, and by the way what check will you use? I mean won’t your check book get over or something? I made a dummy check for my bank in Microsoft Paint. You can copy-paste it and print it out. Then you can use it to write you million dollar checks! Here it is:

You can change the “State Bank of India” and address portions and right “Bank of America” or anything else in MS Paint.

Add more bells, whistles and colours – if that makes the check look realistic. Now you can print it out and use it!

Hope you and I intend loads of money with this ‘how to attract money’ game!

(PS: The book I am reading is “Ask and it is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It is the 2nd best book I have ever read in my life so far. )