How to Attract Money to Build a Homeless Shelter?

by Judy
(Northglenn, Colorado, USA)


I want to buy my own house so that I can open a homeless shelter. I feel like it is meant to be. However, that seems so hard. I mean, where will I get the money from?


After reading your question, I tried to think about what I would have done had I wanted to build a homeless shelter (and didn't have money for it).

The truth is - yes, it is a bit tough building a homeless shelter without money, but it isn't impossible. Here are some thoughts about how to raise money that came to mind. (And yes, I think you can start a homeless shelter without owning a house).

1 Start a Campaign at

Indiegogo is an amazing platform that connects people on a mission to loads of people willing to help the mission. If you haven't checked it out, definitely check out Indiegogo. Start a campaign there by setting a goal and asking for funds. Campaigns worth $10000 or more have been crowd-funded there. A campaign like yours that will truly benefit homeless people should definitely be supported.

2 Start a Website and Ask For Donations

Starting a website is easy these days. Head onto Wordpress and get yourself a free blog in minutes. Put up a donation button using PayPal there. Write down your thoughts about why you want to build a homeless shelter, there. In fact, you can even start blogging everyday talking about your mission. You might attract more and more people interested in your mission as time passes.

3 Start Saving $10 a Day

$10 May not seem like a lot of money but if you save $10 a day, you save $3650 in one year. That is enough to rent a place exclusively for homeless people for around 4 months at the least (or so I guess). Again - my point is - by saving such a small amount everyday, you can start off with your homeless shelter by next year. It will take time, but you can see that it is possible.

4 Set an Intention

Setting a firm intention can help amazing things happen. Everyday, close your eyes and visualize your homeless shelter. Imagine how you would feel if you did indeed get the funds. Imagine something that excites you.

5 Promote your 'Help the Homeless' Project Extensively

Make sure you talk to almost everyone you meet about your project. Add your website URL (the donation page) to your business card or get some extra cards printed just for this purpose. Tell as many people as you can about your plans to set up a homeless shelter and exactly how it will help.

The reason I am asking you to tell everyone (or almost everyone) you meet about your project is that you never know from which corner you may receive help. People may feel inspired by your vision and join you in your quest. Or, they may head over to your website to contribute towards the project.

6 Send Pamphlets and Letters

Write some letters (or print out some pamphlets) that talk about your mission to build a homeless shelter. Now drop these letters outside 10 different houses everyday. Let your website link be mentioned on each letter. If you do this for an year, you will be able to reach out to 3650 households in one year. You can be sure that at least some percentage of these households will donate towards your project.

7 Request Government Funding

The government also wants to help homeless people just like you. Visit the local authorities' offices and talk about your mission. Send them emails. Ask them for funding or whether they would be interested in a joint collaboration.

8 Try to Tie Up With NGOs or Corporates

Do the same thing with NGOs and corporates. Send off emails and real letters talking about your mission and asking if they would be interested in helping or joint collaborations. Send 20 emails a day and you will have sent more than 7000 emails in a year. Of course, you will receive some cool replies.

9 Keep Applying For Better Jobs

I am assuming you are working at a job right now. Well, start applying for at least one new job a day that pays more than what you get paid now. Then, start saving more than $10 a day. You will get to your dream faster.

These are just some of the ideas you can try out. My point is - if you really, really try to find a way - you will be able to attract money to start your homeless shelter. Be persistent, set your goal and go all out to achieve it. In an year's time, you should have your money ready.

Now when you read many of the ideas I've mentioned above, you might feel a bit afraid or intimidated or you might think that they may not work. Well, you will have to move past all these doubts and fears to attract money for your shelter. If you truly try all of those things I have mentioned wholeheartedly, there is no reason why at least one of the things won't work. Look at it from a mindset that says, "how can I do this" rather than one that says, "I just can't do this." There are people who were in worse situations who have done it, so it is possible.

Well, all the best. Hope you are able to build a homeless shelter soon!

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Nov 06, 2015
by: christopher

You made some great points here.

Oct 27, 2015
Nice Blog
by: monika

Very interesting blog thanks for share it with us i really appreciate this.

Sep 28, 2015
by: Harry Turner

You can ask some help on various government agencies and submit your proposal, or you can ask some donations on a television company to help promote your cause.

Sep 23, 2015
by: Carol

That is precious information. Thank you for sharing! You really did anyone who is reading this a big favor!

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