How to Attract Money? I’m Still Learning. Day 10 of the $500 Experiment

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

Since this is Day 10 of the $ 500 manifestation challenge, I’ll sum up what’s happened till now.

The challenge is to manifest an extra $ 500 in 21 days using the law of attraction. Everyday, I get an email from a guy called Jason. I perform the “law of attraction exercise” he gives me.

Up until now (that is, after 10 days), I’ve manifested $353.70.

Out of these, $220.70 are conditional: I’ll get them if I complete a certain task at work by July 21 . But I’ve added them anyway. 🙂

And now after all that recap let’s come back to today: Day 10.

The Email I Received

Has it ever happened that you messed up your finances big time and later regretted it a hundred times over? Like maybe, you invested in the wrong shares knowing they wouldn’t pay and then lost tons of money…

Jason talked about “messed up“ situations like this in the email today.

He asked me to think of 3 situations where I had messed up my finances. I would have to clearly imagine those circumstances…as if they were happening now. Then I would have to feel that feeling of regret that I always feel when I think of those situations. And then…I would have to forgive myself for all those mistakes.

Doing this, would help me release those “self-bashing” thoughts that I think every time I remember those incidents. And that would allow more money into my life.


3 Financial Mess-ups

I’ve near really messed up thousands of dollars. 🙂

But when I racked my brains…I did find three situations related to money that I regret till today.

1) The year was 2008. The country was the United States of America. As an intern at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta I remember throwing away money for things I didn’t even need. I saw this small box with photographs on it and bought it. And then I threw it away! My bank account had zero balance. I still withdrew money from it despite knowing that withdrawing with zero balance meant a penalty of $35. And I did that twice in my 2 months of internship incurring a penalty of $70. I splurged. I almost burnt money.

The point is, I did not spend from a mindset of abundance or desire. If my mindset had been one of abundance, I would have loved to spend money on things I desired. Here I was throwing money away without rhyme or reason, as if to fill an inner void. I did not buy because I wanted something. I bought because I had this compulsive urge to spend. And yes I was broke many times. And yet I spent.

As I thought of all this today, I regretted behaving in this manner. And then I said to myself: ”Yes you did all those goof ups. You made a mistake. But that’s all right. You need not be perfect. Making mistakes is a part of living. I love you still. And I forgive you…”

(Yes, I felt better.)

2) Fast forward: November 2009. I had around Rs 2000 in my bank account. A friend asked me for Rs 2000. I gave him those 2000. He didn’t REALLY need the money. It wasn’t like the money was going to save a life. And this friend had many other friends who would willingly have lent him money.

The point is: I lent him my Rs 2000 without being aware that I would be penniless for at least 3-4 more days if I did so. I was so unaware that I did not even realize that I wouldn’t have enough left for lunch if I gave him all the money. Had I at least been conscious of the fact, that I would not have money for 4 days – and then given my friend Rs 2000 – that would have been a selfless pure deed. But I gave him the Rs 2000 unaware of the fact that I would have nothing left…I just didn’t care!

I actually didn’t have money for about 3 days. Zilch was what I had.

And I regret my unconsciousness of money at that time.

I said to myself, “I forgive you for that situation you brought upon yourself. It’s OK – you made a mistake. But I forgive your mistake…”

3) In January, I paid a real estate agent Rs 10,000 to find me a house. And then, he found me a shack. And I was foolish enough to just take that shack! I could have searched for more houses. I could have contacted another agent. I could have searched for houses on the Internet for free!

But I paid him Rs 10,000 for showing me 5 houses in one hour. And then I finalized a shack I hated! Why did I do that?

Also, did I mention that we had earlier mentioned a price of Rs 8,000 but suddenly raised it to 10,000 at the last moment? And I agreed to that!

It was a pathetic mistake to say the least.

I said to myself, “I forgive you for what you did. It is over. And I know you will do much better the next time you look for a house.”

And The Manifestations Were…

I normally commute to work via the “local train.” But today I hired a cab since the train motor men were on strike.

Now the point is: a cab ride to work would have cost me Rs 250 ($5.55).

Hardly 5 minutes had passed since I sat in the cab, when two young men on the road waved. They asked me if I minded sharing the cab with them. No, I didn’t mind it.

After we reached the destination, they paid the cabbie Rs 150($3.33).

I saved Rs 150 without intending it. 🙂 I mean, how did those two men approach my cab after it had started off? The law of attraction? 😉

And thus did I attract Rs 150.

And thus ended Day 10 of the $500 manifestation challenge.

It seems like I am very slowly but surely learning how to attract money. Thanks again Jason. Bring Day 11 on!