How to Attract Money: Here’s a Very Important Lesson I’ve Learnt

I recently learnt an amazing lesson about how to attract money, how to succeed in life and all those things many of us want to do.

I learnt this lesson because of two entities – a hotel in a small town in India and a very famous personal development blogger.

Both of them have taught me something about money that is obvious but rarely practised.

Enter: Oriental Hotel and Guest House

Oriental Guest House is a hotel in Leh, India. If you don’t know where Leh is, well it is a hill station located at a height of 3524 m above sea level. It’s super cold most of the time here. 🙂

A friend had recommended this hotel to us (my wife and I), which is why we chose this place to stay in Leh a few weeks ago.

Now here’s what happened.

As my wife and I entered the hotel, a young woman greeted us with a smile and helped us with our luggage.

She did not ask us any questions. Instead, she replied happily to our questions. She also said, “You can rest in your room, we can deal with the formalities later.”

The room was amazing.

We wanted to arrange for a taxi some days later to visit other places near Leh. Could the hotel arrange one? Of course they could. What would be the price? The standard taxi brochure rates would apply, no extra cost. (In fact, they later offered us a discount on the brochure price too.)

That was helpful.

We wanted a place to stay in Lamayuru, a tourist spot near Leh. Could they arrange that? Yes, of course. “And it will save you money if you go to Lamayuru and then book so and so hotel. If we book your hotel from here, we will charge you higher rates as we will take a commission. So it will be cheaper to go to Lamayuru and book.”

Wow. So not only did they not say, “we’ll book and charge you a commission”, they also said “it will be better if you book it yourself as you will end up paying less.” Who on earth says that?

On one of the days, our TV developed a fault and refused to start. We called the reception. Our request was seriously heard, and very soon, while were having dinner, the TV was repaired with a smile.

Later, we wanted something specific for breakfast. Was that possible? Of course it was. We wanted to have Maggi noodles in the evening. Could they cook that with some veggies? Yes, of course they could.

Should we pay now for the taxi, and laundry and x and y? No, we could pay later. There was no hurry.

We used the Internet at the hotel cafe. How much should we pay? They trusted customers, so they didn’t track Internet usage. We could pay based on our knowledge of how many minutes/hours of Internet we had used.

Overall, it was the best hotel experience we could have. It was like the hotel staff, the manager, the receptionist – everyone was saying – “we are here to help you.” They were always smiling and ready to serve us. What would any tourist want from a hotel? That they provide the best accommodation, good food and be pleasant. These people over delivered by a mile and a half.

And that’s what Oriental Guest House taught me. You want to know how to attract money? Create AMAZING value and help people. Simple.

When I came home, I told absolutely everyone who would hear me about how awesome the hotel was. I even told my boss this and recommended it to him. And I am writing about the place here. 🙂

An interesting tit-bit is that the hotel’s official phone was out of order for weeks when we checked in and YET the visitors kept poring in. Obviously, the hotel was so awesome, that loads of people came purely by “word of mouth”.

Lesson learnt: Help people and create stunning value. The question – ‘how to attract money?’ – will vanish.


I’ve been reading articles at since 2005. The website inspires people to live more conscious lives.

Here are some cool statistics:

Number of visitors: > 10 million a month

Revenue generated: > > $ 1 million a year

The number one reason why people visit the website is because they truly feel inspired. In every article Steve writes, he makes sure of one simple thing – the article actually, realistically helps people live better lives. He does not TRY TO APPEAR like he’s helping them. He does not TRY TO TRICK people into believing he is helping them. He helps them live better lives. Period.

Take a look at this article about waking up early for example: How to Become an Early Riser.

He writes exactly how he started waking up early AND exactly how others can wake up early. Clear advice. No crap.

Lesson learnt: Amazing value/helping people creates the greatest wealth.

More Thoughts About How to Attract Money

I was thinking about many other really successful companies. All of them deliver super-cool value and help people. Microsoft may have had its share of scams etc. but does it not provide stunning value in the form of MS Office and MS Windows? Millions of people love and are helped by them. Then there’s Apple. I am writing this on my Mac and I LOVE my Mac. It’s superbly valuable to me. Be it the iPhone or iPad or ___, Apple provides stunning value.

So, yes, that’s the lesson for both me and you. The best way to attract money is to create the best value for people. Help them. Really, help them. The money will come.