How Do I Use the Law of Attraction to Do Well in My Exams?

by Piyush Sharma
(Madhya Pradesh, India)


I have heard that the universe manifests every desire (no matter how lofty the aim is).

I have my grade XII exams in a month and then I have medical entrance exams. I desperately want to secure 90% marks in my class XII exam and I also want to crack the medical entrance exam. How can I manage the conflicting thoughts in my head and fulfill my desires using the law of attraction?


I have a friend in IIM Ahmedabad (a reputed management school), India who says that the law of attraction helped me him crack the entrance exam. He says that every time he studied for his exam, he believed that “he just would make it, there was no doubt about it!” He put in the same amount of effort as many other candidates but he says his strong belief that he would definitely crack the exam made him crack it.

I have not yet used the law of attraction to crack an exam, but based on other experiences with the law of attraction (like manifesting $500 or this guy’s experience of manifesting an internship), here’s what I think you can do:

1) Every day after you wake up, you can relax or lie down for a while and imagine that you have cleared the exam. How would you feel if you actually made it? If you actually secured 90% marks and cracked the medical entrance exams – how would your next day be? Imagine the next day in detail – feel the joy of that moment, imagine yourself talking to your friends, your parents and others. Imagine thinking about your future after cracking the exam. After thinking for one minute or so, come back to the present moment. Take some deep breaths, relax and go on with your day.

2) During the day, whenever any negative thoughts come up, thoughts which say, “it isn’t possible” or “there is so much competition”, talk to yourself. Tell yourself that though the competition is tough and though it seems difficult, you can achieve your goal. It is possible. It might seem unusual and weird at first, but don’t let any negative thought pass by without you correcting it. Remember that whenever you have negative thoughts, you are creating negative intentions – so correct them as soon as they come.

3) Continue intending every morning.

The point is that if you really start believing that it can be done, the law of attraction says that it will manifest.

All the best. 🙂