How Do I Attract a Girlfriend Using the Law of Attraction?

by Sherman
(California, USA)


I want to attract a girlfriend into my life. I know what I want in a girlfriend. How can I use the '17 seconds law of attraction technique' to manifest the girl of my dreams in my life?


It is easy to manifest things like a guava or a cup of coffee because all that you have to do is visualize the thing you want to manifest, and lo, it manifests!

But how do you use the law of attraction to manifest something important but still unclear like a new relationship?

I think in this case, you need to focus on the "positive feeling that you get if your desire were to manifest." If there really was a girl in your life who had all the qualities you ever wanted in a girl, then how would you feel? Wouldn't you feel grateful and absolutely fantastic? Take a minute or so and try to imagine that the perfect girl you want, the girl with all the qualities you want, already exists in your life. Feel her near you. Imagine having conversations with her. Imagine hugging her. Feel completely connected with her. Be grateful for her presence in your life. Be in this pleasant state for about a minute or so. Achieving this state might seem difficult initially because in reality there is no such girl yet. However, don't give up - keep trying to imagine her until you really feel that she already exists and until you actually feel grateful for her presence in your life.

Now, go ahead with your daily life. During the day, try not to think about the fact that you are single. Generally, when someone seeks a relationship, then it is natural to keep thinking negative thoughts about being single throughout the day. Whenever such thoughts arise, if you have the time, go ahead and practice your visualization again. If you don't have the time, then gently tell yourself that in its own good time, the perfect girl you have imagined will come into your life. Don't let negative thoughts about being single go unchecked. Always correct them with a gentle, genuine thought that says things will get better.

I am sure that if you practice this visualization everyday and check your negative thoughts throughout the day as they come, very soon you will attract the girl of your dreams into your life.

Sometimes, visualizing that you already have the girl of your dreams in your life and being grateful for her can be very, very difficult. I mean how can you feel so grateful when everyday you know that there is no girl! If visualizing seems to be very difficult, then you can use another technique that has worked for me. You can take a minute or two daily and tell yourself, "In her own good time, the girl who is perfect for me, and who has x, y and z qualities is going to come in my life. I really believe this will happen. All will be well." As you say this or something similar to yourself, really feel that the entire universe is conspiring to bring to you the girl of your dreams. Feel the feeling of good things happening to you - and everything you desire coming to you. Relax..and breathe... Repeat this procedure everyday at a given time. There is a good chance, things will start happening in your life! Of course, you must ensure that you do not let negative thoughts come in as you go on with your day. As soon as you feel negative thoughts like "Oh, I'm single." or "When will I ever get a girl?" coming in, assure yourself that in its own perfect time, the universe WILL indeed send to you the girl of your dreams.

I tried this second technique to attract a job some years ago when I desperately needed one. :) I told myself continuously for a few days that a job with fixed timings, that paid me Rs x a month, and that involved creating presentations and talking to people was coming into my life. I told myself that such a job would come in its own unique way in the best time, for the common good of all. And I released this desire after "feeling" this for about a minute... Interestingly, within some weeks of setting this intention, I got a job that had the exact qualities I had envisioned!

So well, you can try either of the techniques I've mentioned above. In the first technique you visualize that what you want has already happened for about a minute, everyday. In the second case, you tell yourself that what you want is in the process of happening and that you will soon get it, everyday.

Hope you are able to attract the girl of your dreams in your life, very soon. :)

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Jul 25, 2015
this really works!!!!
by: nickkire

there is a girl in my collage she is like heaven.
i want her badly so i apply the LOA i think of her
everyday i said to myself im not lonly.i visualize it.After 4 weeks she just ask me to go out with her for a date i was extreamly amazed thank you

Feb 28, 2015
by: Anonymous

nice for who are trying to practice LOA

Dec 10, 2014
by: Anonymous

Hii this article seems really good!!great content..cheers :):D

Mar 24, 2013
I like this
by: Anonymous

I do like this, I am going to use it as well as is it.

Feb 28, 2012
Thanks for the feedback!
by: Meghashyam

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I think the law of attraction is useful in the end only if we practically apply it...

Feb 13, 2012
Thank you
by: Akki :)

A good article indeed. I read some of this kind a few days before in a book named- "The Secret" but I entirely forgot it.Thanks to you that it is back again in my life :) I also want to attract many things in my life. I think in our everyday life what we neglect most is the skill of life and happiness. We dont give attention to the things we actually want in light of things we actually we have to do! This article can set a good alarm for those who read it :)

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