10 Hilarious Poems and Funny Rhyming Poems That I’ve Loved Writing!

Did you enjoy the 10 ridiculous and hilarious poems here?

I’ve always loved writing funny poems. Just today, I decided to write 10 more limericks – those funny rhyming poems that have five lines and don’t mean a thing. 🙂

So here they go! Hope you enjoy all 10 of them.

There was once a man from Brazil,

Who loved reciting “Jack and Jill”.

He recited it to all he met,

From sunrise to sunset,

Until he was given a sleeping pill. 😛

There was once a cat from Honolulu,

Who kept saying, “Meow Meow”!

“Now why is that special?”, you’ll say

“Cats do that all day!”

Nothing, I was just fooling you. 🙂

There was an astronaut from Grace,

  Who lived all his life in space!

  When he finally landed on earth –

  He screamed for all he was worth,

  “I have discovered a new place!”

There was once a scientist from Mess,

  Who went to woo a girl called Bess;

  But when he recited his laws,

  And theorems and formulas,

  The poor girl fainted from stress. 🙂

Yesterday in my drawing class,

I saw a man like an ass,

I was quite surprised,

Until I realized,

I was staring into the looking glass!

There was once a man from Chadwick

Who sat down to write a limerick.

He thought all day and night,

But was confused as to what might

Rhyme with a word called “Katpatzick!”

There was a little boy from Rangoon,

  Who said, “I want the Sun or I will swoon!”

  When they said, “Sonny that’s far”

  He thought for an hour,

  And replied, “OK, then give me the  Moon!” 🙂

There was a young boy from Ghana,

  Who said, “I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!”

  When they asked, “You wanna what?”

  He got quite distraught,

  And shut up and ate his banana!

There was once a child from Beijing,

Who wouldn’t eat anything!

But when they switched on the telly,

He happily filled his belly,

With his eyeballs out and popping!

There was once a man from the States,

Who said, “I’m Bill Gates, I’m Bill Gates!”

When they said, “You’re a fool”

Our man lost his cool,

And showed them his certificates!

Hope you enjoyed these funny hilarious poems. I loved writing them!