10 Hilarious Poems and Funny Rhyming Poems That I Loved!

Did you enjoy the 10 ridiculous and hilarious poems here?

I've always loved writing funny poems. Just today, I decided to write 10 more limericks - those funny rhyming poems that have five lines and don’t mean a thing. :)

So here they go! Hope you enjoy all 10 of them.


There was once a man from Brazil,

Who loved reciting “Jack and Jill”.

He recited it to all he met,

From sunrise to sunset,

Until he was given a sleeping pill. :P


There was once a cat from Honolulu,

Who kept saying, “Meow Meow”!

“Now why is that special?”, you’ll say

“Cats do that all day!”

Nothing, I was just fooling you. :)


  There was an astronaut from Grace,

  Who lived all his life in space!

  When he finally landed on earth -

  He screamed for all he was worth,

  “I have discovered a new place!”


  There was once a scientist from Mess,

  Who went to woo a girl called Bess;

  But when he recited his laws,

  And theorems and formulas,

  The poor girl fainted from stress. :)


Yesterday in my drawing class,

I saw a man like an ass,

I was quite surprised,

Until I realized,

I was staring into the looking glass!


There was once a man from Chadwick

Who sat down to write a limerick.

He thought all day and night,

But was confused as to what might

Rhyme with a word called “Katpatzick!”



There was a little boy from Rangoon,

  Who said, “I want the sun or I will     swoon!”

  When they said, “Sonny that’s far”

  He thought for an hour,

  And replied, “OK, then give me the     moon!” :)


  There was a young boy from Ghana,

  Who said, “I wanna, I wanna, I      wanna!”

  When they asked, “You wanna what?”

  He got quite distraught,

  And shut up and ate his banana!


There was once a child from Beijing,

Who wouldn’t eat anything!

But when they switched on the telly,

He happily filled his belly,

With his eyeballs out and popping!


There was once a man from the States,

Who said, “I’m Bill Gates, I’m Bill Gates!”

When they said, “You’re a fool”

Our man lost his cool,

And showed them his certificates!


Did you like these hilarious poems? Would you love to write one yourself? Why not give try writing these short rhyming poems called limericks right here?

Have a funny day!

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