Half Yearly Goal-Setting Exercise Part 2

by Krupa Chirravoori
(New Delhi/ Mumbai, India)

Nevermind part 1 guys, the following are my goals for the second half of 2012.

1. Eat (and cook) healthy. As few processed foods as possible. As little outsourcing as possible. Home cooked food. Fruits, tons of veggies, rotis and dal. Some dryfruits. Feed the body a lot of roughage.

2. Practise strict mental surveillance. Up the level of awareness, spot thoughts, ask if they are regarding anything that really matters..if not, abort immediately. Mental hygiene is a concept that appeals to me, but i never saw things that way. I now want to.

3. Rid the body of sluggishness. Take myself out on a walk, a jog, some stretching. Make the body agile, flexible, spirited. Light. Active. (doesn't matter if i don't lose weight. The idea is to not be either mentally or physically lethargic).

4. Keep bringing my focus back to SIMPLIFY. What doesn't matter will not be mulled over. Act more, brood lesser. Act quick. Invest less time in Pressing matters, become more efficient hence. Focus most of my time on feeling peaceful, content, joyous and simple. I can't tell you all just how much I need to unwind.

5. Study and finish with my revisions as soon as possible, so that I can feel confident enough abt my skills, and get a job quick. The job is about money and about getting out, and feeling cooler about myself. (A college friend once asked me to get a life... I hear it in my head every once in a while. :D)

These are my goals as I know them in this moment. These are more than goals.. I just HAVE to achieve these 5 if I want my life to get any better. Right now, I am not satisfied, and I never want to come back here, so I want to achieve these 5 things in such a way that there's no coming back. Really. There will always be just climbs, no sliding down!

hmmmph! All the best to me, and to you all :)

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