An Important Goal Setting Tool: Writing About Your Goals

One amazing goal setting tool that I am learning in this goal experiment is to “track my goals and write about them as often as I can”.

Everyday, I try to find some time to sit down and ask myself – “where am I heading towards my goals? What do I want to achieve by the time the day ends today?”.

Always, this activity helps me feel more energized and motivated. Sometimes I get worried too when I see that I am FAR from achieving my goals but in those situations, I have been telling myself to stop worrying and start taking action because it is action that counts.

Goal Setting Tool: Write About Your Goals Everyday

I have heard people say that we should LOOK at our goals everyday. While that might be great, I think it is even better to write about them and ask ourselves where we are heading – as often as possible.

Let’s understand this writing about goals thing in the context of my own goals – the ones I have listed on this page.

Now you can see that I want to implement a Google Adsense Optimization strategy for my website. Here’s what I might write about one of these days:

“Truly, honestly, where is my Google Adsense Optimization heading? The truth is I have covered just 5% of the website yet and I want to cover 100% of it by May 31. This can only happen if I cover 5% more everyday from today to May 31. I need to make sure that I do this.

Let me now list down the details of exactly how I am going to do this next week.

On Monday I will work on ……”

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what Google Adsense Optimization is or what the technical jargon I have mentioned means.

What matters is this: by asking myself again and again where I am heading and by making crystal clear assessments of what has been done and what needs to be done everyday – I am motivating myself immensely to achieve my goal. And that’s the main advantage of writing about your goals and questioning yourself as often as possible – and preferably every single day. This keeps the vision of your goals clear before you.

One added advantage of writing about your goals everyday is that it also helps YOU motivate yourself when YOU are not heading in the direction of your goals. Recently, I thought I was making very little progress towards one of my goals. When I wrote about my goals that day, a part of something I wrote went something like this:

“No matter what happens, keep on going on. Keep working in the direction of your goals. You might not have done much in the last few days – but you still have a lot of time on your hands. All the best!”

Motivation to work towards your goals is always good and when it comes from your own self, it’s even better! 🙂 So yes, writing about your goals can also lead to you motivating yourself in case you’re not doing well.

What’s Your Goal?

What is your goal? Losing 5 kg by May 31? Or running for 15 minutes everyday for one month? Or earning $X by date Y. Whatever it is, tracking and writing everyday helps!

All the best!