An Incredible Goal Setting Tip: Make Your Goals Public!

As you may already know, I started my goal experiment a week ago. As part of this experiment I set my first conscious goals ever in life. And I am still determined to achieve those goals by May 31.

As I am striving towards my goals, there is one goal setting tip that has really, really helped me focus on my goals: making my goals public.

This one factor has affected my ability to stick to my goals so much, that I just have to talk about it!

Yes, Make Your Goals Public

Ever since I posted my goals last week, I have witnessed an extra urge to achieve them inside me. This extra urge comes from my “fear of embarrassment”. The truth is – that I am afraid that if I don’t achieve my goals after telling you all how committed I am to achieving them, I will be really, really embarrassed. And you know what – I think that’s a good thing!

It’s a good thing because in those times when I am really feeling inspired and motivated and purposeful, I will anyway work towards my goals. But in those times when I am NOT feeling inspired or when I am feeling like giving up, this PUBLIC COMMITMENT will not allow me to give up so easily. I may love writing and STILL give up on my goals. But it is difficult to love writing AND make a public commitment AND give up on my goals. By telling you all about my goals, I have now made it extremely difficult to opt out.

And therefore, this is my goal setting tip for you this week: No matter what your goal is, or how big or small it is, if you are really serious about achieving it – tell everyone about it. Yes, everyone. All friends. All relatives. Announce it on your blog. I’ve heard of one guy who got an article published in a newspaper about his goals and you can do that too. The point is – make such a huge public commitment that it becomes difficult NOT to achieve your goals.

Goal Setting Strategy: Shouldn’t One Keep Things Secret?

I think when we get a bit serious about our goals, the first tendency is to keep it secret. Many of us do this – we may think about exercising everyday for a month and not tell anyone.

Now there is no doubt that you want to exercise. That’s why yoy set that goal in the first place. But after 5 days, your motivation might wane and you might skip a day or two. And then one more day. And then you might beat yourself up and say – “I gave up again :(.“

Now imagine what would happen if absolutely EVERYONE knew about your exact goal. Your roommate knows that you are going to exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday for 1 month. Your mom and dad know this exact fact. All your friends know. People at work know. Absolutely anyone you interact with knows this – the exact goal.

Now, when you want to quit on day 5 – you’ll think twice or three times. Or maybe more times. 🙂 If everyone knows your exact goal, obviously they are going to ask you about it – and then you want to have an answer that you respect yourself. So well, you might shake your head and get back to exercise.

Don’t get me wrong: I am not saying caring too much about what others think is a good thing. In fact, I am more of a believer in doing what you feel is truly correct and NOT caring about what others think. But in this case, that same weakness – our weakness to be embarrassed socially – can be put to good use. So why not use it?