A Goal Setting Technique That Can Help You When You are Just About to Quit

One amazing goal setting technique I have found to be helpful is the concept of “talking to yourself JUST when you feel like giving up.”

Just when you feel the goal is a bit too much for you and you’d rather relax for the day, you talk to yourself and tell yourself why this goal is just so important for you.

Then you don’t give up and start working on the goal again.

How Does Positive Self Talk Help?

Let me explain some more about this “self talk” technique.

Let us say your goal is to exercise for one hour everyday for 10 days. Now, since the last two days, you have been exercising for one hour and you are very happy about it.

Now, on the third day, something urgent comes up. Maybe you have extra work at office. Maybe the air conditioner has stopped functioning. And so your exercise time gets delayed. Later in the day, when you finally have time for exercise, you think – “Let me start exercising from tomorrow onwards. I am too tired right now.” You did not realize it, but you gave up on your goal. I have done just this – so, so, many times.

NOW – when you are just at the point of giving up, what if YOU give yourself a small pep-talk? What if you tell yourself that this goal is very important to you and if you don’t exercise right now, you will feel extremely bad about it? Tell yourself right now that you had sat down some days ago and seriously decided to exercise everyday for the next 10 days and it is STILL in your hands to not break your commitment and exercise. If you go ahead and exercise, you will feel superb later on.

If you can tell yourself these things, just when you are about to quit, you will feel a sudden surge in energy inside you. You will suddenly notice yourself thinking: I won’t give up today – and you’ll go ahead and exercise.

There have been times when I have absolutely given up on my goals – and then suddenly, simply by talking to myself and telling myself to get up and get going – I have again become motivated and achieved my goals for the day!

I know talking to yourself sounds weird AND talking just at the point when you are about to give up sounds difficult, but I can vouch for the fact that it works like a charm.

But Isn’t Talking to Yourself Just at The Time You Are Giving Up Difficult?

You might now say, “If I was really capable of talking to myself, just when I was about to quit, then wouldn’t I be a superhero? After all, talking to oneself when one feels like giving up is the most difficult thing!”

To that point, my reply is: “All you have to do is DECIDE to talk to yourself the next time you feel like giving up or quitting.”

Suppose you were told – every time you feel like quitting, take this pill and you will feel motivated, wouldn’t you take it? Taking it wouldn’t be difficult at all – you are demotivated – you want to quit – so you take the pill.

Deciding to talk to yourself is just like taking a pill. You feel intensely demotivated and want to NOT exercise or NOT study or NOT work on any goal you have and when you become aware of that – all you have to do is DECIDE to talk to yourself and MOTIVATE yourself. What I have observed is that the very intention to talk to yourself and make yourself feel better, often lifts our emotional state. Generally, when we are about to give up or sad, all negative thoughts cloud our minds. We think stuff like “I am too tired. It will feel so bad to exercise now etc. ” When we DECIDE to talk to ourself and motivate ourselves, immediately a new vibration gets activated. Immediately, those dampening thoughts stop and better thoughts come up. And if we apply even a bit of will power in that instant – yes we’ll be all set and motivated to achieve our goal because deep down, of course we want to achieve it!

The Next Time You Feel Demotivated…

I suggest therefore that you decide that the next time you feel demotivated or feel like giving up, you will at least talk to yourself once. Even if you tell yourself once to not give up and remind yourself of how earnestly you had committed to your goal, I am sure that urge to work on your goal will come back.

I promise to use this goal setting technique too. After all, I am still on my way to achieving these goals by May 31, 2012. My mood fluctuates too. Sometimes I am all rearing to go and achieve my goals. At other times I think – let me just give up and not do anything today. I’ll do what I want to do from tomorrow onwards.

What I mean to say is that all of us have the temptation to give up, not do anything, or let things be as they are. What we do with that tendency – what we do when we are down – I guess that’s what determines whether we’ll make it or not.

Here’s a simple quote I read on the web:

“Everybody falls, but only winners get back on their feet.”

All the best!