It is May 31. The Goal Experiment Ends!

There, the goal experiment has ended. Finally, May 31 – the day by which I was going to achieve my first conscious goals in life, has arrived. 🙂

36 days ago on April 25 I had made a public commitment on this blog to achieve 10 goals – my first conscious goals in life by May 31.

And I had promised to share whatever I learnt in the process.

Did I Achieve My Goals?

Here is a list of the 10 goals that I had wanted to achieve.

1 Optimize Google Adsense on this site using techniques learnt from the book ‘The Adsense Code’.

2 Post 8 genuine, heart-felt articles.

3 Understand the Panda and Penguin updates well and also see how the website can now be more authentic.

4 Write 1 genuine and helpful WikiHow article, build 1 Squidoo lens,10 blog comments, 10 forum posts and submit 1 guest post to promote this site.

5 Analyze the performance of the Book Store and the T-Shirt Store on this site.

6 Wake up at 6 AM for 10 days at a stretch.

7 Visualize my dream life every morning for 10 days at a stretch.

8 Post at least 1 genuine and inspiring update on Twitter and Facebook every day for 10 days at a stretch.

9 Work on this website for at least 2 hours daily for 10 days at a stretch.

10 Come up with the idea of at least one new monetization model and perform atleast one action to start implementing it.

Before I slept on May 31, I achieved 8 out of these 10 goals. I did not achieve 2 of the goals despite my efforts.

Still, I am happy to have achieved 8 goals I had truly wanted to achieve in the exact time I had stipulated. I am glad.

Here is a graph showing the percentage achievement of each goal now.

The goals I have not been able to achieve are Goal 6 and goal 7. Goal 6 involved waking up at 6 AM consecutively for 10 days. I tried and tried but just didn’t succeed. In fact I failed at least 5-6 times after really committing to wake up at 6 the next day. I knew this goal would not be achieved on May 22, because after that day there weren’t 10 days left till May 31. 🙂 The second goal I wasn’t able to achieve – goal number 7 – involved visualizing my ideal reality everyday consecutively for 10 days. Again, I tried but couldn’t quite make it. On some days I fell asleep trying to visualize. On other days I postponed visualization to the end of the day and then didn’t find time for it while pursuing the other goals.

Overall, I would say yes, I could have done better by achieving all 10 goals but achieving 8 goals completely out of 10 was nice too.

My Feelings After the Goal Experiment

There are many thoughts in my mind as the goal experiment ends.

The primary thought is that setting goals is an amazing thing to do! I have realized that I had the most productive month ever this year because of these goals. There were times when I was awake all night. There were times when I almost slept off, woke up and achieved my goals for the day. It was an intense learning experience.

There are two amazing advantages of having goals that I realized as I finished this experiment.

The first one is that goals provide a direction, they show you exactly where you truly want to go.

If you don’t have any goal, you will not know where you are going. Then, you will not know how much you have achieved or what progress you have made towards doing what you truly want.

Barbara Winter, an entrepreneur, says:

” Most people would think it ridiculous to walk into an airport with a wad of cash, hand it over to the ticket agent and say, ‘Send me someplace.’ Goals are simply chosen destinations that we’ve decided are worth the trip. Without them, somebody else may be deciding on the itinerary for us.”

I agree.

The second advantage of goals that I found is that goals help in rising above surface emotions and sticking to what you TRULY want to do deep down.

Let us say you want to loose weight. You decide to exercise everyday. One day you feel like exercising for 30 minutes. Another day you don’t feel like exercising at all. On yet another day you feel like eating fatty food. The point is that our surface emotions vary a lot and they sometimes take us in the direction OPPOSITE to the direction we truly want to go in. Goals, help us overcome these surface emotions and make us STICK to where we truly want to go.

“Exercise everyday for 30 minutes for the next 10 days.”

You may or may not feel like it everyday but you know you truly want to do it. So you will exercise for those 30 minutes if you have that clear goal.

Goals thus, prevent you from getting distracted and achieving nothing by telling you again and again “come back, this is the direction you truly want to travel in!”

I would NEVER have achieved what I achieved in these 36 days had I not clearly listed what I wanted to achieve.

So yes, those were the two things advantages of setting goals that I realized.

One Mistake That I Made In This Experiment

One thing I did wrong was that I set too many goals. Setting 10 goals, reduces the focus on each goal. That was one big reason I was not able to achieve two of my goals. There was so much to do that I ended up neglecting some of the stuff.

Therefore, I would say this about future goals: “Two to four clear goals, that stretch you by just the right amount are perfect. Setting too many goals is distracting and prevents you from focusing completely on any one.”

Did YOU Achieve Your Goals?

That was all about my goals till May 31. Did you set any? Did you achieve them? What did you learn?

No matter what the goal and no matter how big or small the goal is, there is one thing you cannot deny:

“Setting clear goals and going after them is a challenging, learning and fun experience.”

Achieving a goal does make you feel good about yourself. You committed to something. Then you did your best and achieved that something. That’s a great feeling.

Well, that’s the end of the goal experiment.

What next? New goals of course! 🙂 After some celebrations for having achieved the major part of these goals, that is. I’ll make use of the lessons I’ve learnt here in the future.

All the best to you for your goals whatever they may be and whichever part of the world you may be in. Have a rocking day.