Getting Out of Extreme Spiritual Unconsciousness States

Persistent Unconscious States

Sometimes for days and even months at an end we can become intensely unconscious. What to do then to get out of this state?

When I say “unconscious” I refer to a state of consciousness that makes you less genuine and true, less powerful to do anything you want to, less joyful, less peaceful etc etc than if you were more conscious. (To best understand what more consciousness and less consciousness mean, read the article levels of consciousness by Steve Pavlina. I am referring to the lower “levels” of consciousness on that scale Pavlina talks about.)

The words blurred, unaware, agitated, dizzy, disturbed, low, afraid, anxious, irritable, vulnerable and powerless, forced, addicted, drab, boring, apathetic, unclear, noisy, vaguely disconnected etc resonate with low levels of consciousness. (1st set)

The words clear, specific, purposeful, powerful, spark containing, centered within, unafraid, welcoming change, new, peaceful, unshakable, enthusiastic, pure joy, silent, childlike, focused etc resonate with higher levels of consciousness – relatively of course – you can always get higher. (2nd set)

This article is relevant for you if you have experienced or are experiencing higher states of consciousness but sometimes experience sustained periods of unconsciousness you have to shake yourself out of. If words like consciousness seem hi-fi, simply ask yourself if you consider yourself to be defined by the 2nd set of words above but sometimes succumb to being described by the first set of words. If so, this article will talk about getting back to higher consciousness when you lose it completely.

Portals to Regaining More Consciousness

1 Act

Action enlivens you, gives you power. Act. Make sure you are not idle. Make plans for the next day clearly understanding what you will achieve by the end of it. Procrastinate ZERO for the next 7 days. Idleness or practically achieving nothing you value through the day feeds unconsciousness. For the next one week, make sure you act and get the work you wanted to get done, done irrespective of your emotional state. Nothing is an excuse for not acting.

You can use concepts like deciding to work for 5 hours on a task irrespective of anything else in the day and time yourself. Or you can decide to make a list of tasks you will complete everyday and complete them irrespective of what happens. If you do this for one week, you will suddenly experience more meaning in your day and experience more joy at the end of it.

I am of course talking about work which you attach relevance and meaning to – if you think your job sucks, no I don’t mean office work in that case. I mean taking a bath, jogging, exercising, meditating, writing, completing a book, preparing for an event etc or any challenging work that is valuable for you.

2 Exhaustively Face your Fears

When life becomes drab, accepted fear patterns form a major part of it. Write down 14 things you are afraid to do and do them this week, 2 each day. No, not battling a tiger but telling your boss what is really on your mind. Or telling a friend something very true abut yourself you think he would not accept. Taking the initiative in a meeting and asserting a point you feel is very important. Saying “Hi” to a person you are afraid to interact with because you don’t feel comfortable talking to him. Calling up someone you would once have called but not talked to for the last few years, and now are hesitant to call. Throughout the day, be ready to lose yourself. To be ripped apart. For one week, observe any background sensation of fear when it comes and face it despite the discomfort and the intense desire to avoid such a situation.

You will find yourself regaining a spark, a freshness, a connectedness with yourself that had been lost for sometime.

3 Journal Every Single Day For at Least One Week

After every day has ended, write exhaustively about how things went that day. List specifically what you would have wanted to be different in that day. Would you have wanted to react differently to a situation? How exactly? Rip your day apart. Your dominant thoughts will come to the fore. THEN, let the next day be so much more conscious than the previous day.

4 Conduct a Thought Exercise

For seven consecutive days, repeat this exercise. Take a sheet of paper and for one hour, write down every single thought that comes to mind. I know this is very tedious, and tiring but it is extremely insightful and consciousness raising. After every day’s writing look at the thoughts that you do not like, that you feel are curtailing you and pulling you down and write down a corresponding thought that you truly, truly wish to hold. If you kept repeating that you were so ordinary and dull or that you were stupid, and you truly realized that you rocked in so many ways, then write down “I rock in so many ways, irrespective of anything else” next to “I am so stupid these days”. Then whenever you notice that thought you didn’t want coming up in your mind, try replacing it by the corresponding thought that you really felt truly about.

If you do this for one consecutive week, you will see how your dominant thoughts change as you OBSERVE and CHOOSE them. After the week, you will feel so much more powerful, enthusiastic and connected to what is essentially you.

5 Visualize

In a dark room, on a chair, while walking in a park or in any relaxed setting, close your eyes and let your body relax and be free. Take a few deep breaths. Hold your breath for a second before you exhale and notice the pause, also noticing the expansions and contractions of your stomach as you breathe. Now, clearly, perfectly, imagine your ideal day. Imagine it completely. Imagine yourself waking up as you would want to, at the time you would want to, fresh and so alert. See yourself doing the work you love, talking with people in the way that satisfies you most, filling your day with activities that please you so no end. Imagine the whole day exactly as you would want it to be.

If you have trouble controlling or focusing your thoughts as you imagine, you could try playing some music that represents the grandness and sheer joy of a pristine, purposeful day when you were essentially you.

Do this regularly for one week. And see how the way you spend your time changes drastically.

6 Meditate, Be Aware

For this one week, spend half an hour concentrating on your breath. When people talk, try to be still and listen completely to what the other person is saying, notice the tone of his voice, the pause between his words…As you walk, notice the sound of your steps, the surrounding noises. Notice yourself breathing in and out so many times. Notice the clothes people are wearing, and the texture of what surrounds you.

You might find that the incessant stream of random thoughts that has stopped of a while. You are at peace. Let that peace be sustained. Let it be.

7 Offer Unconditional Love

If everything above seems tedious, forget it all and do just this – unconditionally perform an act of love. Send a gift for someone you love. Get out on the road and talk to a home less person – treat her to dinner J Give your parents a hug. Cuddle someone. Surprise someone by gifting them what they really want. It will make your level of consciousness shoot up. I have tried it and found it to be so freaking true!

States of extreme unconsciousness can be vicious circles with your unconsciousness leading you to keep repeating dis-empowering thought patterns. There is absolutely no point staying in such a depraved state that does not let you express yourself completely, and feel good. So weed that unconsciousness out, Wage war against it. If all these six points seem too much trouble, take up any one and implement it perfectly – that’ll be enough to make you cast away your dullness and get back in form. Or come up with your own ways to deal with it. Only, deal with it.

You rock! Better show the unconsciousness that. 🙂