Funny Rhyming Poems By Readers!

The Old Man From Bengal

by Nishi Kadakia
(Mumbai, Maharashtra , India)

There was an old man from Bengal,

Who purchased a bat and a ball,

Some gloves and some pads,

It was one of his fads,

For he never played cricket at all!

There Was a Young Lady From Spain

by Aileen
(Dublin, Ireland)

There was a young lady of Spain

Who took down her pants on a train!

There was a young porter

Who saw more than he orter,

And asked her to do it again.

A Hilarious Poem: The Fare

by Zeal S Shah
(Gujarat, India)

There was a little girl from West Ham,

Who smiled as she jumped on a tram.

As she quickly embarked,

The conductor remarked,

“Your fare Miss”. She said,’Yes I am.’

There Was a Young Girl Named Jill

by Antra
(United States)

 There was a young girl named Jill

Who freaked at the sight of a drill,

She brushed every day,

So her dentist would say,

Your teeth are perfect. No bill!

The Crying Baby

by Vidhi Vashisht
(Birmingham, England )

There was once a baby named Daisy,

Who made her parents go crazy,

She loved to cry and cry,

Which made her mom’s brain fry

But it didn’t bother here dad – he was lazy!

Some People Can’t Do It!

by Yasmin
(The UK )

There once was a woman from France
Who longed to learn how to dance
But she couldn’t figure out
What dance was all about
So she left her feet to chance.

The Crazy Man From Peru!

by Dev
(Guyana )

There was a man from Peru.
He had no work to do.
So he’d ring a door bell.
Then run like hell.
Until the owner shot him with a .22