Day 3 of the Law of Attraction Challenge. What Manifested Today?

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

Day 3 of the $500 Law of Attraction Challenge wasn’t too happening but there were some interesting manifestations…

The Mail

Yes. We start with the mail. Essentially it said – ‘Without being aware of it, you might be thinking negative thoughts about money all day. Like you might be looking at a price tag in a showroom and think – “I can’t afford that…” Or you might be thinking about how you never make enough money.’

‘So every time that happens, OBSERVE yourself thinking negatively about money. PAUSE. And replace that negative thought with something slightly better. Not something superfluous – like “I am a millionaire.” Of course you are not one yet. But something slightly more positive.’

For example – if you are thinking – ‘I can’t afford those shoes’, you could think – ‘..those shoes cost a lot of money, but who knows one day I might be able to buy them. And if I did indeed buy them, would that not be wonderful?’

So there you go: the exercise today was to detect any negative thoughts about money and replace them with slightly positive ones.

I Dabble with Negative Thoughts

To tell you the truth I wasn’t even aware that I was thinking so many negative thoughts about money every day. But well, I was.

Here are 3 situations when I did think insanely foolish thoughts.

1) I was about to hire a cab from my workplace to the nearest railway station when I thought – “I am taking a cab. It’ll cost me Rs 30. I am spending a lot these days… I might not have enough left…”

STOP! Thought detected.

Counter Thought: “Relax Meghu. Feel your pocket. Right now you have Rs 4000-5000(~ $100) in it. This Rs 30 ($ 0.7) is not a big deal at all! You CAN afford the luxury. And what is more, the universe will always give you enough. So enjoy what it has given you…”

Felt better. 🙂

2) Many times, I order food from Madras Café for lunch. When I scanned their menu today, out popped the thought = “I am ordering such costly food. Rs 50 for lunch! And I ordered this yesterday too…”


“I have enough money to afford a sumptuous lunch. Even practically I have thousands in my pocket right now which will easily last me the entire month. And the Universe too will make sure that I will keep having abundance…”

3) I was in an auto rickshaw about to reach home. Here’s what an auto rickshaw looks like:

An auto rickshaw driver gets paid on the basis of what his ‘auto rickshaw meter’ says. When I reached home, the rickshaw driver kept the engine running while he was searching for change. And the “meter” ticked on…and on. This frustrated me and in my heart I thought, “See, the meter is ticking away…see – one more rupee gone…” In the end, I had to pay Re 1 more to the auto driver because of the idling engine.

And then I sensed it. I must be MAD! The Universe was giving me abundance. I already had enough money to not care about Re 1 and now the universe was going to give even more! I can afford losing Re 1. All is well.

Re 1 by the way means $ .02 🙂

There were many other situations too, but the point is in most of them, I could tell myself to believe in abundance, have faith in the universe and relaxxx while spending… 🙂

There you go. Day 3 over!

The BIG question. Any manifestations so far?

And the answer is…yes!

In the morning, I borrowed a pen from an auto rickshaw driver. As I thanked him profusely for the pen while leaving he said something interesting – “Keep the pen as a gift from me. I’ll buy another.”

“Huh? Really?”

Auto rickshaw drivers don’t do that! But he did. And I accepted the gift given with so much love. Thanks to him. 🙂 The pen cost Rs 2 (around $0.05), but then it was a gift from the universe…

In the evening something even more amazing happened.

I had overused the air-conditioner and so had to pay my landlady about Rs 600 for the extra electricity consumed. When I went to do that, guess what she said?

“Don’t worry. It’s only these 2 months of summer when people use air-conditioners. I’ll take care of that…”

Wow. A few days ago, she herself had suggested that I pay extra. And now it had to be the law of attraction making her say – “you don’t need to pay!”

I am thankful for the gift.

Rs 600 are $ 13.5 by the way.

The manifestations are getting bigger!

What’ll happen next? Keep reading… Ta, for now!