Day 11 of the Law of Attraction Challenge: An Update

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

If I had to zero in upon the simplest exercise Jason has given me till now in the $500 Law of Attraction Challenge, I’d point at Day 11’s exercise.

No writing. No reading. No listening to audios. No doing anything. Just, replying back to Jason!

The Email

What did I think of money? What did I learn about it and feel about it? What was in my mind?

Jason asked me to email all of this to him today. That was the simple exercise. 🙂

My Email

I thanked Jason for his amazing challenge. And I told him one thing I had really learnt as part of the challenge.

Here’s an excerpt from the mail I sent him.

What is one thing that I learnt about money in these days?

That you need not necessarily do work you hate to earn money. You only need to ask and then allow it to come to you. Of course it is nice if you work hard and like what you do. But it is not necessary to grudge what you do just ‘for’ the money….

Thank you for helping me.

I would  like to offer you a hug and also wish you a more than awesome day. 🙂

This challenge is definitely teaching more about money: how getting it need not be all drudgery. I haven’t learnt everything yet, but yes I have definitely started.


My Google Adsense earnings today were $1.40, again way ahead of the average of $0.20.

Thank you Law of Attraction!

And that brings the total amount of money manifested to $ 355.10.

See you soon.