Follow Your Dreams: But How Do You Get Yourself to Dream?

What do you really want from life to follow your dreams? What’s your grand vision? Passion? Life purpose?

If you want to find out go read the article How to find your passion?.

That has all that I truly know about finding out the purpose of life.

One day, however I thought – are there simple ways in which you can find what you were born for? And I read books and searched for stuff on the internet. Here’s what I found out:

Follow Your Dreams by Meditating

I have read it virtually everywhere – before you dream about what you want, meditate. Apparently this puts you in a relaxed state of mind and then you can imagine what you truly desire better.

How to meditate? This I know. Set an alarm for 15 minutes. Now, for 15 minutes, focus on your breath. Feel the air coming in, your stomach expanding and contracting, and the air going out. Random thoughts will come, but you can always return back to watching the air going in and coming out. Interestingly, you will feel relaxed and calm by the time your alarm rings.

Done it? Awesome. Now ask yourself – what do I really want? Let me dream about it…..Hopefully – your passionate reason for existence will dance before you…:)

Unfortunately, this has never worked for me. Maybe meditation puts me in a restrictive state at times as I try to focus on my breath, but no I have not been able to dream about my life using this method.

Which is why, if you try it and it works, I would be very, very excited to hear from you here.

Follow Your Dreams by Imagining Your Ideal Scene

I first read about this in The Millionaire Course by Marc Allen. And yes I have done it many, many times with mixed results.

He says – ask yourself this question: If there were no restriction on this earth – if nothing stopped you – if no other person bound you to do anything – and if you could live the best ever life you wanted – how would you live? How would your day be? Where would you live? What would you do after you woke up? How would your house look like? Would you have a career? What? Would you travel? How would your ideal relationships be? Visualize yourself living this ideal life. See the details, the clothes you wear, the color of your surroundings, the sounds – everything.

Cool. Give it a try. I always felt good doing it and dreamt up a loo..t of things. 🙂

Follow Your Dreams by Asking
What Do You Want To Do Right Now?

Finally, my invention. 🙂 I was pretty frustrated with thinking – what is my passion? What do I really want to do?

Finally I forgot everything and thought – what do I want right now? Not 5 years later – not ideally throughout my life but just now – what is it?

And I dreamt this awesome dream of me quitting college and living alone in a city and writing what I felt like writing and making money out of it.

Forget all the crap. Just imagine yourself lying on your bed. If you could do anything you really wanted right now, what would you do? Would you get up and go to a massage parlor? Would you just lie on the caressing, green grass, undisturbed as the sun filled you with warmth? Would you want to have sex with someone? Would you want to quit your job right away and just watch TV the whole day as you munch chips? What is it that excites you right now, in this moment irrespective of where it will lead you in the long term? Clearly feel yourself doing it. If you want to lie down on the green grass, feel it caressing you. Feel the breeze that blows your hair away. Feel the warmth of the sun shining on you. Feel the weight of your head on your palms. Savor it all.

It seemed much easier for me to think about what I wanted now than to think about what I wanted to do ‘n’ years from now.

I really think this could help, because it helped me.

Follow Your Dreams by Knowing You Will…Die

I’ve done this one twice in my life, and both times it has told me what I really wanted. (I wanted to meet a girl and roam around places with her. :P)

Imagine you will die tomorrow at exactly this time. Clearly feel it. Know it for certain. There is no way out, it will be. Now this is very, very difficult to imagine. I failed many times. But keep at it until you get it into your head that you will die tomorrow.

NOW – you’ve got your last day.

How will you spend it? Would you jump on the streets? Would you hug the very next person you meet? Would you laugh off anybody who was angry at you? Would you worship the air that caresses your nostrils and the sand that rubs against your slippers? What exactly would you do? Don’t you feel so happy, liberated and free, despite death approaching?

Basically, I think – what we would do on our last day indicates our truest deepest desires.

It might not give us a clear picture of what we want in the next 5 years, but you’ll certainly feel a sense of direction like – “Oh so this is what I wanted to do on my last day…Now that I have more days, how could I spend them?”

Try It Out

Of course there’s no guarantee that all of these methods will definitely tell you what you want, but I’d say no harm in trying all of them. You want to leave no stone unturned in finding your passion right? So well, please do try them and then you can act on your dream. 🙂

Who knows you may just end up finding why you were here on planet earth!