Find Your Passion: Why You Should Stop Doing What is OK and Start Doing What You Like

Why is the phrase “find your passion” – so important?

There was a time when I was in college studying paper science which was OK, and I was going to take up a job which was OK.

Then, suddenly lightening struck. I realized something that completely bowled me over – it thrashed me down.

And I forgot everything and decided to devote myself to this site.

What Happened?

I realized that I was going to die one day! One day, there was going to be no me! My body would be gone! Parents gone. Friends gone. Everything wiped out. I would just DIE.

I was going to a college which I did not like. I was attending pointless –paper science classes which I hated. I was submitting resumes to investment banks and software companies which didn’t make any sense to me. What was I doing?

And I was going to die one day.

I imagined my death. There would just be no me!!

All this was temporary. Then why was I doing all this if I had to die one day?

If I really knew that I was going to die – why not do what I truly wanted – to create this website and be with the girl I loved!


Lie down. Close your eyes. And Imagine. You are going to DIE one day. Really. This is not a joke. You know it. Do you really think you will keep on living like this forever? Your job, college, wife, girlfriend, friends – all these will HAVE to disappear – do you see that?

Lie down, why are you still reading! Do you see that you will have to die one day? Don’t go by what I am saying. Feel it. Experience it. Imagine dying. Imagine losing everything you have – career, relationships, money – everything.

Don’t stop – you might have the urge to just get up and think all this is foolish.

But come on, foolish or not, am I lying when I say you’ll have to die one day?

I myself felt stunned when I realized it. I lost it.

So don’t give up until you feel it. FEEL the fact that you’ll die one day!

Now ask yourself – what do I really want to do? Do I really want to go to that job I go to everyday? Or attend classes? Or live the life I’ve been living when I KNOW that I am going to die one day? Think, just once – for once ask yourself this.

What do I really want to do? What would I do If I were free?

Why not do it right AWAY, when I know that I am going to die one day?

Find Your Passion – Do What You Like

Start doing what you like. It is NOT too late. Nor too early. Everything is awesome. Just START. I mean what the heck are you waiting for if you are going to DIE one day just like me!

OK, don’t quit your job – or don’t give up everything – but parallely try hard to do what you love and get money out of it so that you don’t have to go through this just-ok shit everyday. One fine day at least, you’ll be free and be doing what you like. And if you died before that, you’ll at least know that you tried to do what you liked.

I know I am sounding so sudden and absurd, and obsessive about death – but really imagine it – it is the truth!

Do what you like! Because you’ll die one day.