Feeling Sad? Here’s How to Feel Better Now!

[Important: This technique only works if you are feeling down and sad. It won’t work if you are extremely depressed or feeling suicidal. If you are depressed, stop reading and please seek professional help. If you’re just feeling down today, read on.]

Are you feeling sad? Everyone does at some time or the other. Me too. In fact, I felt sad just yesterday.

Once, when I was feeling sad, I did something that instantly made me laugh – I suddenly became insanely happy.

I have done that thing only twice in my entire life.

But when I did it, it was AWESOME.

Feeling Bad? Imagine That You Will Die Tomorrow

How cool is that? πŸ™‚

Once when someone criticized me at 1 PM in the afternoon, I got terribly hurt. While I was wallowing away to glory in self-pity – I suddenly thought, what if I died at 1 PM the next day?

Somehow, I started following this chain of thought. I started convincing myself that I would indeed die tomorrow. There would be nothing – all these cupboards, this refrigerator, these curtains – nothing. I would just vanish. No friends, no love, no parents, no website – nothing. Where would β€œI” be? There would be no”I”!

It took me around half an hour to get convinced that I would die tomorrow. Then I imagined what I would do with this knowledge. I suddenly found that all my sadness had vanished! I laughed away that criticizing remark someone made! I started imagining my last day. I felt like I would go downstairs, and run on the streets. I would hug everyone I saw – just hug them tight and laugh! And I would pick up some homeless guy, and drag him to an awesome restaurant and feed him with my hands! And I’d jump around like I was crazy and when people would laugh at me, I would laugh at them – thinking – they don’t know, I am dying tomorrow, nothing really matters!

Then I would visit this girl I liked and spend my day with her dancing and singing and visiting Chandigarh – a city I love! And I would feed her, and I would be so merry – immediately hugging and kissing people I would just meet on the street! I would suddenly look at trees with a sense of awe – I would never see them again! I would touch them, feel them! I would send lots of love to everyone I knew or didn’t know in the form of lots of gifts, kisses, hugs! The day would be just full of joy and love!

If anyone scolded me or got angry – I would laugh and hug him! How would it matter when I was dying tomorrow? And I would also wish I could live like this forever instead of dying tomorrow!

Still feeling sad?

Try this. Imagine you will die tomorrow at exactly this time. Convince yourself that THIS will happen. At this time, you will be no more. No body. No friends. No parents. No lover. No possessions. It took me half an hour to convince myself and a lot of effort – we are so caught up with life that death seems unimaginable! So, well, feel it completely. Take your time. Then, imagine how you would spend the last day of your life. Imagine every single detail.

I can wager a bet – if you really do this – there is no way you will be feeling sad. Suddenly life will seem a miracle.

How Does This Work When I’m Feeling Bad?

I have no idea. But it works. Maybe because our perspective shifted. Like we were looking at a tennis ball from a 1 mm distance, and for a moment we looked at it from 10 meters away and remarked, “Oh! It’s a tennis ball!” Whatever, but try it when you are feeling sad. If only once.