A Fear Poem: How Raghav Faced His Fear of Embarrassment and 50 Other Fears!

This is Raghav’s fear poem. He was this shy, always anxious boy who realized one day that he was capable of facing his fears. I loved writing it and I hope it helps you face your own deep-seated fears.

By the way, did I mention I’ve based it on my own personality and challenges when I was younger? So, in a way it’s a true story (with bells and whistles, of course).

Raghav was such a sad boy,
He always felt so shy –
When dad’s friends said “Ahoy!”
He felt like he would die!

When forced to attend a birthday party,
He would sit with his head down;
And imagine Aunt Marge, and Patel and Warty,
Giving him a scorning frown!

School was no better, in fact it was worse!
For the teacher made him utter
Julius Caesar verse for verse,
And all Raghav did was stutter!

“Get out of the class“, the teacher said,
“Vanish from my sight!”
Though our poor Raghav had stayed up in bed
And read the play all night!

And when Raghav’s good friend Naughty Paul
Called him in the afternoon,
And shrieked, “Let’s shop at the mall!”
Raghav was ready to swoon.

The Mall made him sweat, the mall made him weep,
So many people, so stylish, so chic!
All of them seemed to say- “Raghav, so cheap!”
And Raghav would feel like a pig.

One day he thought and thought and thought
As he sat near the raging sea,
“Why is life such a rot?
Why is everyone mocking me?”

“Why does every place seem scary?
Why does everyone call me a fool?”
When Suddenly, there appeared a fairy –
In a white frock with strands of wool!

“Raghav, Raghav”, the fairy said
“Don’t despair, don’t worry, don’t choke -”
(Thought Raghav – is this in my head?)
As the fairy swayed her wand and spoke!

“All fears, dear Raghu, are in your heart,
That is where they survive,
And the more you feed them apple tart,
The more terrible your life!”

“Life can be happy, and joyous and gay

If you ward those fears away

So dear Raghu, kick them off, I say
Why do you bid them to stay?”

The fairy’s words sounded so nice,
But how would he kick away fears?
He looked into the fairy’s blue eyes,
And again burst into tears!

“Raghu, my boy”, said the fairy
As she wiped his tears away,
Though so many fears seem so scary
You can face a fear a day!”

“Everyday, pick up a fear
No matter how small or big,
And give it a kick on it’s rear
And do a little jig!”

And then the fairy faded away
After this lecture on fears!
And Raghav suddenly felt so gay,
He hadn’t felt so in years!

He hopped and skipped and skipped and hopped
And said good bye to the sea.
And when he went back home and knocked,
Dad’s friends were sipping tea!

He shuddered a while and then he thought
Let this be my fear for today,
And then he straightaway caught
Mr Bin’s hand and said, “Hey!”

And as he did this, his head spun,
He felt ripped apart by a knife;
But despite the shaking, this had to be done –
A fear a day was life.

Interestingly, Mr Bins said “Hi”,
And also added, “How nice!”
And Raghav who was about to die,
Was full of surprise!

That day he talked to dad’s pals
“What a wonderful boy”, they said.
And he served them cheese balls
And he simply didn’t go red!

The next day Mr Bins was getting married.
Said he, “Come Raghu, have fun!”
But Raghav felt very afraid and harried,
And was tempted to run.

But a fear a day was life, thought he;
Come what may, he had to face it.
So Raghav, though shaking with anxiety,
Finally decided to grace it.

In the wedding, Raghu was in a daze,
And his heart skipped a beat with trepidation
But he remembered the “fear a day” phrase,
And decided to initiate a conversation!

He stuttered and fumbled but found his voice,
And spoke to a girl standing near.
“Hi, Raghav’s my name”, he said with poise,
“And I am new here.“

“My name’s Serra,” the girl replied,
And Raghav and she talked.
Raghav was stunned, he hadn’t died!
And he felt so nice as they walked!

He’d never felt this way before
So fearless, and so, so light!
Every moment he seemed to soar
Up, up, like a kite!

But at school next day, again he was dazed
He shook like that and shivered like this;
But a fear a day had to be faced
And he said, “I have a question, Miss!”

And to his surprise the moment he faced
The fear, it vanished away like this!
And instead of feeling embarrassed, disgraced,
He felt a sense of bliss!

And when asked to volunteer
To speak on Independence Day,
He raised his hand, though numb with fear,
And spoke his heart away!

Raghu kicked each fear with disdain,
And one by one they vanished!
And a new Raghu was born again
Everyone was astonished!

Just yesterday, he was at the fair

The one he was organizing!
How did he go from his lair
To being so enterprising?

“Oh there’s no secret, there’s no mystery,”
Said Raghav, his expression gay
“You’ll get anywhere, you’ll get into history
If you face a fear a day.”

“Any fear,” he smiled and said,
“Will not stand any chance
If you feel the anxiety and the dread
And yet choose to advance.”

So why not face a fear today? Why not?