Desire 6 of the Law of Attraction Experiment Didn’t Quite Manifest. :(

Finally, I obtained a negative result in the law of attraction experiment.

I did not manifest any sugar coated pineapple pieces or even pineapples or sugar granules…

Maybe failure is good, because now I am in ‘introspection mode’, and will be better prepared for my next intention.

What Did I Do to Manifest Pineapple Pieces?

I was at work creating a presentation, when I remembered I had to set my intention. 🙂

I closed my eyes and thought of a large number of pineapple pieces in a glass bowl. I imagined digging my fork into one of those mouth-watering pineapple piece, and relishing it as it made contact with my tongue….Then I ate up another piece in exactly the same way.

And when I looked at the stop-clock: more than 17 seconds had passed.

So, What Happened?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing manifested even though I waited for an extra day hoping something would turn up.

I was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai yesterday on board the Rajdhani Express, a train that has “free snacks and meals” included in the fare. I built castles in the air thinking, “Maybe they will offer pineapple pieces in a glass bowl!”

They didn’t.

In Mumbai, I went to rest for a while at a Café Coffee Day outlet. “Maybe they will “suddenly” have pineapple pieces on the menu”, I thought.

They didn’t have any such pieces.

Oops. Flop show. What’s up universe?

What Could Have Gone Wrong?

Since nothing has manifested this time, it’s definitely time to look back and see what went wrong.

Five Intentions manifested in amazing ways. What did I do differently this time? Here are some possibilities:

1 Maybe I didn’t intend purely and properly this time. In all the previous cases, I made sure I relaxed first, noticed my breath and then completely focused on the intention. In this case, I didn’t relax or notice my breath: I straight away closed my eyes and forced myself to set an intention fast and get back to work. It was as if I wanted to finish with the intending process as soon as possible. I quickly imagined my pineapple pieces and looked at the timer.

Also when I go back to the moment of setting the intention, I remember that I DID have thoughts of work running in the background while I was intending.

I guess I took the universe for granted, so much so that I didn’t bother to intend well.

2 The other thing that could’ve interfered with the manifestation was the intensity of my intention. I never really desired pineapple pieces consistently. I might have felt a strong affinity for them at the time of setting the intention, but just a few hours later, I did not relish the idea of savouring pineapple pieces that much. I remember thinking one of these days, “Would I really want to eat pineapple pieces at this instant?” The answer was, “Mmm, not really.”

So the desire itself might not have been intense enough to cause a manifestation.

3 Maybe I “over- thought” about pineapple pieces. I might have put too much stress on this intention manifesting. On the second day after setting the intention, I remember thinking – “Why isn’t the intention manifesting?” in an irritated manner. The law of attraction asks us to release the intention and then not contradict it by thinking “resisting” thoughts like that…Hmmm.

4 Yet another thing that could’ve ruined it could be me not noticing even though the intention manifested! Maybe my pineapple pieces manifested in a really weird way but I ignored them. Do you remember the time when I noticed rose petals in a puddle as I whizzed past a string of florists? What if I had noticed the puddle but NOT correlated it with my intention? Then I wouldn’t have noticed anything extra-ordinary.

Similarly, when I noticed a mall’s entrance being decorated using a water bowl with petals floating on the water, I DID TAKE notice of the petals and immediately think about my intention.

What if I saw a billboard with the EXACT same pineapple pieces I had imagined, but did not correlated that sighting with my intention? Or maybe I saw a guy selling “cut” pineapple pieces on the roadside but did not think about my intention in that instant?

Ah, I must be on the lookout and notice small things!

So What’ll I Do Now?

I will take care of the above points and set my next intention!

Let me keep my fingers crossed this time…

I won’t set the same “pineapple pieces” intention again because of the excessive resistance I have already offered by thinking “why isn’t it happening?” for a long time. This excessive resistance was the reason I did not set intentions like “attracting more money” or intending that “my parents like my girlfriend”, because such issues have a lot of emotional resistance associated with them.

So I will intend something different. 🙂

My next intention is to manifest a blue feather. The feather need not be completely blue, but it should have a very distinct bluish tinge.

I am nervous this time…

But let’s hope for the best! I’ll be back soon with some feathery news.

Are you listening universe? 🙂