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EDIT: I've stopped sending these picture quotes now. You can, however, explore the picture quotes I have already sent, below.

From today onwards, I'm going to send encouraging quotes (picture quotes actually) to all email and RSS subscribers every 2 days!

After all, the core concept of this site is to inspire and help you live a better life. While detailed articles help at times, thought provoking quotes with pictures help in an even better ways at times!

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What kind of quotes will I send you? Take a peek at some sample encouraging quotes here. You can expect similar quotes in your inbox when you subscribe.

Edit: I wrote the text above a long time ago.

It's already been many months since I've started sending one inspirational life quote every alternate day. Take a look at the quotes I've sent out in the past few months here:

Picture quote Short Inspirational Quotes From February, 2013
Picture quote The Best Inspirational Quotes From January, 2013
encouraging quotes Inspirational Picture Quotes From December, 2012
Picture quote Inspirational Picture Quotes From October, 2012
Free ebooks gift Inspirational Picture Quotes From September, 2012

If you clicked on those links and looked at some of the quotes, you might have figured out something: The essence of all these quotes is to give you that little push every few days. You already know what to do. You already know how to live a life you'll be proud of. It's just a gentle push we all need. And these picture quotes will provide just that. 

In fact, if I had to tell you a secret, well... I am actually sending you these picture quotes also because I myself need that "push" every few days. In pushing you and in composing and collecting these quotes, I myself will feel motivated and all set.

Let's rock it!

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