Dream big. Fine.
But What is the Power of Dreams?

Every day we hear about the power of dreams. Dream big, they all say. Some celebrity tells us how she dreamt the golden dream when she was a kid.

Have you ever wondered what the heck they were talking about – while you woke up, went to college or worked on your job?

I did.

And well, I thought a pinch more than required and wrote the article Why believe in dreams? In it, I play God and answer Big questions like – what is a dream in the first place? Why dream? Can you dream in your daily life like all those celebrities once dreamt? If you do dream, how will the 'power of dreams' help you?

carl lewis dream big power of dreams

OK, you have decided to finally ask yourself the big question – "What do I want to do, truly, really”? But you see..er, a blank screen in front of your mind’s eye. I saw it too. :) Then I tried a lot of stuff and read a lot of stuff about how to get into the right state of mind so that when I asked myself such questions, I got answers. In Follow your dreams: But how to dream? , I list everything that helped me get into this “imaginative” state of mind where a vision did appear before my eyes when you asked – “What do I really want in life?”

So, well, happy reading, and ..dreaming….:)

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