Do Affirmations Work?

by Lee
(Austin, Texas, the USA)


I tried mirror affirmations some time ago. I tried them the right way but after about a week, I felt Worse than I felt before! So I stopped but some coach guy I know told me to keep doing them (for inner confidence etc.) all the time despite not liking it. He told me that eventually they would take over my bad thoughts and beliefs and replace them.

Have affirmations worked for you? 50% people I know say they work and 50% say they don’t work. I am quite confused.


I genuinely feel that affirmations work or do not work depending on the “way you feel when you utter them.”

I think, if you really try to feel the emotion of the affirmation for a few seconds as you utter it, the affirmation will effect you positively.

Some years ago, I was extremely depressed. During those days, I would say to myself – “I rock! I am freaking amazing!” For a few seconds – I would really feel the emotion of being amazing, of being a rockstar – and I would actually feel good! Similarly, I was afraid of social situations – so when I had to interact with a lot of new people – I would say to myself – “I want to be ripped apart. I want to face my fears no matter what. I rock!” As I said this, I would feel the emotion of the statement, and I would go ahead and conquer my fear of talking to new people.

The point I want to make here is that trying to feel the emotion of the affirmation for a few seconds helps in really imbibing the essence of the affirmation.

Maybe you could try this: you could sit alone in a room with no distractions – and repeat one of your affirmations to yourself. Let’s say it is “I am confident and at ease and I am loving the way I am”. Now – try to feel the emotion of this statement for some time. Try to really feel that you are confident and at ease. Imagine walking into the worst social situations or situations in which people are even putting you down – and imagine yourself feeling confident and at ease in those situations. Initially this might be very difficult because when you utter the word “confident”, thoughts about “you not being confident” or “you not being that amazing” will flood your head. Tell those thoughts – “that is not true now. I’ve changed and I am now amazing!”. Again, the point is to feel the emotion of being confident – feeling that rush or kick that comes from being super-confident as you utter the affirmation.

Now, whenever you utter the affirmation, try to feel this emotion you felt above. Get some energy into your affirmation. You could try pumping your fists or moving your hands and walking confidently as you tell yourself that you are now confident. Keep trying to “feel that confidence” right now as you utter the affirmation.

I am sure that if you succeed at “feeling the emotion” again and again as you utter the affirmation – you will feel a lot better than before.

By repeating to myself that “I rocked” and that “I was ready to be ripped apart”, I slowly came out of my depression – so much so that I even started anchoring quizzes and organizing cultural events. So yes, I feel affirmations “with emotions” do help.

All the best to you. 🙂