Desire 9 Failed to Manifest. Here’s What I Learnt From the Failure.

Desire 9 of the law of attraction experiment flopped!

I did not manifest the book “Life on Purpose – Six Passages to an Inspired Life” by Dr Brad Swift.

And I didn’t manifest anything even remotely connected with the book. Nothing at all. 🙂

How did I set My Intention?

I did it in the usual way. I lay down on my bed, closed my eyes and imagined the feel of this book in my hands. I imagined flipping its first few pages, excited to read it… I imagined moving my hand over the cover and experiencing its glossy surface. And I imagined the joy of actually having a book I wanted to read in my hands.

Well – Nothing Happened. Does the Law of Attraction Work?

That was exactly what I thought when nothing manifested for more than 3 days. Does the law of attraction ACTUALLY work? Because if if it does work – then why didn’t the book manifest?

But as soon as I even considered the prospect of the law of attraction not working, – a hoard instances when the law of attraction had ACTUALLY worked for me, flooded my mind.

I remembered the $500 experiment. I had somehow been able to manifest $500 in 21 days using only the law of attraction. I remembered the time when I had actually solved a dispute by just imagining the words “I love you” for 17 seconds. I remembered the instance when I found my friend just by thinking about him purely for 17 seconds.

And then of course – in this very experiment, I remembered how I had manifested a lower, repaired my mobile phone, and attracted a rose and rose petals floating on water ONLY by using the la of attraction.

Obtaining rose petals floating on water – was DEFINITELY a manifestation because there was no way I could see that sight WITHOUT the law of attraction interfering.

So yes, I still have faith in the law of attraction. It does work – because it so obviously HAS worked for me in the past.

And that brings me to the second point: Maybe there is a thin line between INTENDING the RIGHT WAY and INTENDING the WRONG way…

Setting An Intention The Right Way

I lay down on my bed and recollected the exact circumstances under which my past desires DID come true. I remembered the exact procedure I used in setting my intention.

When I visualized past manifestation scenes clearly – I found a startling fact:

Every time my intention had manifested in the past, I intended purely – being completely ONE with what I was intending.

Let us consider the case when I manifested rose petals floating over water.

In this case, I actually imagined rose petals floating over water. I imagined touching the delicate petals and feeling their softness. I imagined dipping my finger in water and feeling the wetness that engulfed it. I imagined putting my nose near these petals and absorbing the beautiful fragrance that I perceived. I imagined lifting some petals out of the water by cupping my hand and filling it with water.

The point is – I got lost in the scene. There was nothing else going on in my mind while I was intending this scene. All that existed for me in those moments was the scene of the rose petals. All my senses were EXPERIENCING the scene.

My intention was PURE. And yes, it did manifest in a weird way with me finding flowers floating in water outside a mall and near a florist’s shop.

I must confess that I did not set the intention of manifesting the book – “Life on Purpose” with SUCH purity. I am sure I would rate the “purity of intention setting” in this case as 7.5 compared to 10 in the case of the rose petals. I was thinking about 2-3 other things in the background WHILE imagining touching the book. I was not ONE with the scene of feeling and reading “Life on Purpose”. I was not 100 percent in the moment while visualizing the book.

The fact that I failed to manifest anything this time is very good: it is helping me learn the nuances involved in actually manifesting something.

The lesson I learnt this time was that the intention must be set PURELY with nothing but the visualized scene in mind.

I have learnt that forcefully thinking something for 17 seconds doesn’t work – one has to think PURELY – and lose oneself in the process….

And That Brings Me to My Next Intention 🙂

Failing and then bouncing back with new improvements is the crux of any experiment, isn’t it? 😉

My next intention is to manifest a blade of fresh green grass with a dew drop on it.

Let us see how this intention manifests! Or let us see what lessons about the law of attraction, this intention has to teach. 🙂

A blade of grass it is, then!