Cosmic Law of Attraction: An Interesting Manifestation on Day 8!

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

Day 8 of the $500 Law of Attraction trial was special: I had the highest manifestation up till now today!

With the total manifestation now = $119.87, $ 500 seems so much achievable. 🙂

Drawing a Table

This time the email wanted me to do a “Writing” exercise.

It asked me to draw a table with 2 columns.

On the left side I had to write, “The ways in which money came to me last month.

On the right side, I had to write, “The ways in money could come to me but doesn’t.

And then I had to fill these columns up!

On the left side I had to enter my routine sources of money. On the right side I was to right weird, interesting, absurd ways in which money COULD come into my life right now.

When I had done that, I had to pick each entry in the right column (each interesting way in which money could come to me but doesn’t), and imagine money actually coming that way!

I could then cross off the entry from the right hand side and put it on the left hand side.

All this, said Jason, would remove my resistance to the many interesting ways in which the universe could send me money. Like I might be thinking, “money can come to me only through this and this and this route.” This exercise would make me feel, “It can come through so many other routes I hadn’t ever thought off!” And so those new routes would open up for me.

How Did My Table Look Like?

Fine, so I sat down to draw my table. The left side had to have items which already brought me money. So I drew something like this:


These things already brought me money.

Now what the heck could bring me money but didn’t?

Hmm. I thought and thought. But nothing seemed to fit in the right column…

Suddenly a prospect popped up: what if I won a lottery ticket? That would be fun. And yes, I had bought a lottery ticket 6 months ago: just for the heck of it –to see how it felt to buy a lottery ticket. 🙂 Now what if they suddenly declared the results of that lottery and I won, say Rs 45 lakh ( $ 100000) ?

I closed my eyes. I imagined those lottery people calling me up and telling me I had won!

And then I thought of what I would do with the money. A holiday abroad, buying a flat, shifting to Chandigarh with my girlfriend… Ideas whizzed past…

And after I had built around 5 to 6 castles in the air, I was satisfied. 😉

I wrote it down and my table became this:

Hmm. So what else could bring me money but isn’t bringing in money right now?

Well, maybe what I write on this site will have such an impact on a reader that his life will change completely. And then he will be so thankful, that he will send me a check of Rs 45000 ($1000) with heartfelt gratitude. Of course I will be touched and thankful for the money.

I know this sounds quite narcissistic, but then, it could happen. It wouldn’t be bad if it happened anyway. 🙂 So I wrote it down.

There you go. I wrote each item on the right side down and played with the possibility of it actually coming true.

Soon I was convinced that these weird things could actually happen. 🙂

That’s it. Day 8’s exercise done!

The Manifestations

Yeah, this was the yummy part of today.:) Yes sir, I manifested $97.48!

Let’s see how.

As soon as I woke up, I checked my Google Adsense earnings. The numbers said: $0.89. Cool. That’s a manifestation given that I have decided to credit anything greater than $0.20 to the law of attraction.

Then something interesting happened. Mom called. And she said she would gift me Rs 5000 ($109.77). And I thankfully accepted the gift!

I credit her calling me to the law of attraction, of course. Thank you mom…

The day’s manifestations totaled upto $110.66.

After these happy events though, a slightly “bad” thing happened. Remember the landlady who had said I needn’t pay extra charges for over-using the air-conditioner? Well, today she said I had to pay those. 🙁

And since I had included that discount she had given me earlier in the manifested money, I’ll now have to remove that amount from the total manifested money. So my net manifestation for the day comes out to be $97.48 instead of $110.66.

Which is still amazing. 🙂

And I have 13 more days to go. Will I reach $500? Why not?