On Day 21 of the Cosmic Law of Attraction Challenge, I Stared in the Mirror

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

It’s Day 21. The last freaking day of the cosmic law of attraction challenge. Of course it’s a happy occasion. I have manifested $500. :)

And since this is the last day, yes I do want tell you more…than usual.

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I want to tell you what I have learnt.

When I started the challenge – to tell you the truth – it FRIGHTENED me. It’s one thing to talk about the law of attraction, but to actually go public about this manifestation thing and then not manifest a dollar? How would that be?

Pathetic, right?

Thank God, I did it. And thank heavens I actually manifested $500. ;)

A little more than 21 days ago, I read this message. And I thought why not try it? And why not try it PUBLICLY on my blog?

Today it’s over. Successful. Wow.

Of course I’ve learnt a lot. A LOT. My whole mindset with respect to money has changed. Considerably.

The Abundance Mindset

Earlier, I used to only TALK about abundance. But you know what I really thought? I thought – “I am spending Rs 100 on this drink. What if I don’t have any money left for the month or when I need it?”

“I took a taxi to work today. What if my money gets over..I am taking a taxi everyday..”

“Oh God the auto-rickshaw meter said I had to pay Rs 5 extra..”

“I have only Rs 1000 in the bank…shit.”

“What’s the cheapest item on the menu card?”

“I want to have dessert..but..no not NOW…no.”

It’s changed. All this crap has disappeared. A heart felt thanks to Jason.

What I truly, practically realized in these 21 days was that if you just focused on your desire – and spent money on it – the universe would actually give you all the money in the world to fulfill your future desires!

If you really want to have that pizza, have it. If you really want to buy that dress, buy it irrespective of the cost. And then, trust – REALLY, REALLY trust the universe..And the money will come. You will be fine.

I may have spent Rs 100 extra on my meal with the mindset of abundance, but the universe gave me Rs 150 in the form of a surprise tax-fare gift!

I may have spent Rs 50 extra on a taxi but the universe gave me Rs 5000 as a surprise gift from my parents!

I might have ordered a dish that was Rs 20 costlier than another, but the universe gave me a Rs 45 discount on the sub I ordered at Subway.

And today, though not perfect, what I am sure of is – I trust the universe like HELL. All I have to do – is focus on my desire, TRUST that I will always have enough and I WILL have enough.

It sounds weird. It sounds crazy – even foolish or childish.

But if there was ONE thing I learnt from the 21 days of this challenge, it was this, this and only this.

You challenge me? TRY this $500 challenge out.

The Last Email

Oops. No more emails after this. No more exercises.

What did the last email say?

“Go stand in front of the mirror. Look into your eyes. Ask yourself – are you satisfied with the money you now earn? Do you accept it? Say yes…”

Then ask – “Do you really believe..that all the money you want will come to you in the near future? Look into your eyes. Don’t bluff. And say yes. And feel the yes.”

This acceptance would release my resistance to money, and allow more of it.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Do I Have Enough Money? ;)

I stood. In front of the mirror. And stared. I thought I looked handsome. ;) I admired myself for a while. :P

I was standing for a purpose. So well, what was the question?

“Do I really think I have enough right now?”

It’s strange. But my spontaneous, genuine answer was “yes!”

Even I was stunned. Was I really satisfied?

But I was. The universe would give me all the money I wanted. And it is actually doing that. I don’t need to compromise at all…And no I didn’t force this thought on myself. It came spontaneously.

This has been the affect of this challenge, no doubt about it. But wow. :)

What about – all the money I want – will I get it? Do I REALLY believe that I will get it?

Again the answer was yes! I actually believed I would. Why would the universe not give it to me?

I am serious: 21 days ago – I would have had my doubts. Today after this challenge I genuinely feel: yes the universe will give me all I want.

Exercise over. So soon. :)

I did a little jig in front of the mirror and shrieked “yes!” For I had just finished the last law of attraction exercise of the challenge.

cosmic law of attraction money bag

cosmic law of attraction, cosmic law of attraction

Any Money Showers Today?


I got a Rs 15($0.32) discount on a cookie today. And I loved it. The fact that I am still manifesting money-savings is cool.

I want to put my hand to my heart and bow to the universe. Then I want to say..Thank you. :)

And yes..this is the last day of the cosmic law of attraction challenge. :)

I genuinely wish all of you LOADS of abundance.

I’ve manifested $540.32 in this cosmic law of attraction challenge. Why don’t you try this challenge out and manifest even more? I mean why not? There’s ABSOLUTELY nothing to loose and $500 to gain. :)

Loads of love! Tata.

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