A Fun But Useful Way to Not Feel Confused!

Are you confused thinking for any reason? As in, are you saying, “I’m so confused!” and everything is hotch-potch and itsy-bitsy? Plain muddled, are you?

Whenever we are confused and muddled, we cannot make decisions. Interestingly, it is thinking about making BIG decisions that confuses us. So, it’s a vicious cycle. You don’t know which college to choose and you are confused and that makes it even more difficult to choose the correct college. You don’t know where you have kept that $1000/Rs50000 cheque and so you are harrowed and that gives you NO clues.

Relax. There is a way out of confused thinking. 🙂

What’s The Confused Thinking Idea?

Since right now, you are harrowed, the first thing to do is to make yourself feel better. First, we want to stop those confusing thoughts. Then you will be calm and clear. And then you can make your decisions once you are feeling good.

The idea is to distract yourself for a while first and become slightly calmer. You can also call it “raising your vibration”. Once you’ve got that thing bothering you out of your head, you can then think clearly.

How To Think Clearly?

Take a die. This is a die:

Now roll it.

Whatever number you get, follow what I’ve written for each number. Whatever I’ve written is all about STOPPING your confused thoughts right now – so it really doesn’t matter which number you get. After you do that thing to stop your confused thoughts, then you can solve your problem.

I know this sounds weird, funny and even sort of foolish. But the method, the die, the rolling are simply a superficial coating on something deeper. The core thing we are doing is – we are trying to distract your mind for a while so that you feel better – and then, you can make your decisions.

Here we go, we roll the die and the number that comes is….

How to Think Clearly – 1
Watch a Movie

Forget everything for a while. It’s OK. Life will go on. You will live. Done?

Now let’s look up which movies we have playing around here? Mmmm, how about this one?

Done. Now we’ll go and rock the theatre for the next few hours. Bye bye house. Bye bye world! 🙂

This title however isn’t helping our confused thinking!

After watching a movie, there is a good chance that you will feel calmer and clearer. You have dulled the troubling thoughts for a while.

NOW, is the time to make your decision. You may or may not feel like it but NOW is the time because the confusing thoughts are OUT.

Take a sheet of paper or open a word processor and ask yourself, “What is really troubling me?” Write down your troubles in detail. Then ask yourself – “what possible solutions can I think of?” Write them down too.

Problems appear complicated only when 1) we are already confused and 2) when we think them over in our heads. The moment we clearly jot down the problem on paper and write down its solution on paper, the problem becomes ten times less problematic.

How to Think Clearly – 2
Be Spontaneous

I remember doing this once when I was confused. A wonderful distraction when you are really confused is to let go and do absolutely anything that comes to your mind without thinking. Let everything go to hell. Where do you really feel like going right now? What do you want to do? You want to go to the mall, you said? The Diamond Garden where you’ve never been? Cool! Go there.

What next? Where’s this train heading? Let’s board it. It’ll take us somewhere…..Oh you’ve gotten to ______? What’s that skyscraper over there? Why not climb it? The view from there would be nice. Wow, it IS nice. And what’s that lake over there, you want to go and see?…..

The point is follow any urge that inspires you for a while. Truly be in the moment for a while. Dance. Eat. Sing. Hop. Travel. At least for a while.

After you’ve done this for 2-3 hours, you will feel clear headed. And relaxed.

That’s the time when you should take out a pen and a paper and…figure you what was troubling you in the first place. So, once you feel better, write down your problem and the possible solutions.

How to Think Clearly – 3
Read Harry Potter

I’ve seen that when nothing else seems to work, Harry Potter does the trick. Any Harry Potter book leads you into such an amazing fantasy world that you definitely forget all of YOUR troubles for a while. And that’s what we want to do.

The Da Vinci Code or a thriller will also help. The point is to start reading a book that makes you forget the difference between lunch time and dinner time.

Once you have read the book for an hour or two and are feeling better…that is the time to solve your problem. Your confused thinking will now give way to clear thinking. No matter how tempting the book may seem, stop reading, take a piece of paper and clearly write down your problem. What caused it? What do you really want? What are the possible solutions? Don’t get up until you find out.

How to Think Clearly – 4
Meet a Beggar + Coke + Cornflakes

Let’s go to this eatery – oh this one, what’s its name….Yeah, we can think about problems later when we come back home. For now, let’s have the time of our life.

“I want COKE please…and would you have cornflakes? Oh I carried them anyway.”

Mix the coke and cornflakes. Taste them. Savor them. Enjoy what you have never enjoyed in your life before. Coke. And Cornflakes.

Yuck! What a meal that was! But it was interesting. Feels nice, to do something like that at times. Now what? Yes, Got to find a beggar. This day’s queer. Can make it queerer in which case.

Here he is. Looks smart enough. “Hey, hi. Want some food?”


“Here have it.”


“Do you live here?”

“Tadam tadam. Tling tling. Crrrrrrrr”

“Oh, God, that place! What do you do all day. I am just interested, what’s your day like?”

“Quatter, Patter, Shatter, Matter, Hatter…”

“Wow. I never knew that was so. Would you like another banana? Do you mind if I sit with you”

“Quack…” ……………

I did something similar once and interestingly a new experience like this makes one feel better. I am sure, all of the above “gimmicks” will take about half an hour or so but they will definitely make your confused thinking vanish for a while. Strange as it may seem, we forget problems when we do something really, really new.

Then, when you feel better, is the time to come back to your problem. Take your piece of paper, jot down what went wrong…and what the solution is…

How to Think Clearly – 5
Call Up 5 People

Another idea to distract yourself is to forget everything and call 5 people you haven’t called in ages. Don’t think. Don’t feel awkward. Or don’t even wait long enough to start feeling awkward. Just call!

Trrn trrn!

“Hey, I am X. Do you really remember me? I called to say hi.”

“Wow. X! Hi X. How are you”

“Oh I am rocking just like you :P……………”

And so on….until call number 5

“Wow, it was so nice hearing your voice after 5 years…”

“Yeah, right. 🙂 Cluck Pluck. Trrm. Bye..:P “

I bet talking to 5 different people about your life and listening to their lives will distract you to SUCH an extent that you will forget your problem at the end of 5 conversations.

That is the time when you should immediately seize a paper and pen and write down what was troubling you in the first place. What are the possible solutions to your problems? Write it all down… 🙂

How to Think Clearly – 6
Go Visit a Friend and Understand His Life

Sometimes, listening to other people’s problems makes us feel better. The reason is that we stop thinking about our own problems for a while. Go visit a friend and genuinely offer to listen to him. In general, we are bothered about how our life is and that is what we keep talking about. For a change, keep mum. Just listen. Lose yourself in your friend’s story.

“Hey Shaun, can I come over to your place?”

We’re at Shaun’s place.

“Shaun, today is about you. I really want to know about your life. I mean, how are you? I want to really know what the heck is up.”

Shaun: “Blab la bla is up”

“Oh wow. And what about abracadabra?”

“Oh yeah! That is up too. In fact I am feeling tadam tadam……….”


(3 hours later)

“I have no idea why I’m feeling so nice. Shaun it was awesome just listening to you. Bye, now I’ll go.”

Back home. The confused thinking patterns have disappeared. Where’s your paper? You are feeling awesome? Let’s NOW work out a solution to our problem….

Where’s Your Confused Thinking Die?

Oh you actually read through it all without getting your die out? Oh you don’t have a die? Cool. Write down 6 numbers on 6 small paper pieces and pick up one chit!

Whenever I have been confused, I have done one of these things at least once. No I didn’t roll a die though.

Mostly I’ve ended up better than I was before.

So come on, what’s better than distracting your mind when you are confused? All this sounds crazy, and what the heck it is crazy – but isn’t it OK to be crazy once in a while – especially when you are confused?

Roll the die….clear your mind…and you’ll rock very, very soon!